Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Hold On to Your Vision

If there is one thing that I enjoy doing in life is building skyscrapers. It doesn’t matter how high I build them they can be as high as possible. Now every time that I get deep into my thoughts there is a place of success that haunts me and I always see myself in a high place, hence those skyscrapers. There is always a picture of myself that looks so different from where I am now it is just so much better than what my present circumstances suggest.

Now that picture never goes away, it’s always there and I see it when I get to bed and every single time when I step out of bed! That picture gives me information; it tells me where I need to be and the direction that I need to walk. It tells me where I should be seeking opportunities and where I should pursue knowledge. But as we all know, building comes with breakdowns and restarts. At most times we tend to dismiss such visions as ‘daydreaming’ and daydreams are seen as waste of time.

A few days ago I met a beautiful lady and because I have that goal of ending this year with as many networks as I can, I initiated a conversation and guess what, I just got what I wanted. She had all the right attributes that would cause a person to want to pursue their dreams.

So having shared with her my plans she asked me “so what is stopping you from all that?” my response to her question was that ‘I am yet to find my way, I still don’t know where to start.’ She then looked at me and said, “Where there is a will there is a way, so get to work!”
The moral here is that sometimes we are carried away by what I’ll call the conventional requirements for our vision, forgetting that we are in a world where opportunities are hidden in unconventional places. Just look around you and see what you have within your reach and the tools that you possess and can get you started on your vision.

Don’t spend your time and energy focusing on what you don’t have. Do not mind about the tools that you do not have, or the connections, or the experience or the degree required to take you to where you need to be. Search your surroundings and tap into what you already have! There’s a place of success that your eyes keep drifting towards when you try to focus on other things so pursue that.

We probably have bills to pay and things to take care of but the fact that our visions are bigger than our pay checks does not make it less of a dream. Why spend so much time focusing on what you don’t have rather than planning around what you do have?

If you have been indulging in the dismissal of your vision like me, it’s high time that we stop doing so. Instead of dismissing, let’s pursue knowledge in what we envision. Let’s train ourselves in that vision and connect with people who are in the line of our vision.

Let me also remind you to constantly pray about that vision. Don’t dismiss your vision. Listen to it. It is telling you where God wants you to be!

Until next time…Let’s get to work!


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