Sunday 11 April 2021
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Geingob sings victory song amid economic woes

President Geingob has responded to his critics by boasting that his 87% poll victory during the 2014 Presidential election is living testimony that Namibians love him and he never sees himself as a victim.
Speaking during the official opening of the 2017 Cabinet decision-making meeting at State House, a clearly elated Geingob described himself as a “victor”, saying it was time his critics join the narrative of Harambee and stop being envious.
Geingob alleged that there are deliberate efforts by certain sectors of the society to paint a gloomy picture of him and the ruling Swapo party.
“Swapo is not a victim, neither is the President (Geingob), so let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but rather respond to every negative action with a positive reaction.”
“I not a victim, I am a victor,” exclaimed Geingob.
At the same occasion, Geingob he was aware from the day he took office that corrupt individuals will come after him to make sure that he does not succeed in his quest to eliminate corruption and poverty in Namibia.
“I knew that many corrupt people will attack me, that’s why I declared my assets, you can hunt and hunt, you will not catch me,” added the President.
Moreover, Geingob acknowledged that 2016 was a challenging year but maintained that government infrastructure was “intact” to deliver on the promises made in the National Development Plans (NDP), Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) and the Swapo Party 2014 Manifesto.
“Let us deliver, deliver, and deliver on the promise of industrialisation, job creation, and a united Namibian house characterised by shared responsibility,” emphasized Geingob.
Peace and stability
Speaking at the same occasion, Geingob called upon Namibians to re-dedicate themselves to the basic principles of unity, peace and stability in 2017.
He urged Namibians to remain committed to the unity and togetherness, which have prevailed for many years.”
Addressing Cabinet members, Geingob warned that it is easy to “destroy” anything that was built by others.
“It is hard to build a country or a political party, those of us who have been part of nation building can tell you it is hard, but it easy to destroy what you did not build,” warned Geingob.
The President further called on Namibians to never get tired of “peace” that they currently enjoy because the alternative is not an option.
“Let us remain committed to unity, never get tired of peace and stability, and [we] must therefore carry out our duties with the interest of these noble ideals,” the President reiterated.
In the same vein, Geingob warned against individuals who are using the land issue to drive their own agenda.
Land issue
According to Geingob, those who are driving the agenda of “ancestral” land through gatherings should indicate where it is and was surprised that there is no mention of the “San communities” in such claims.
Geingob further added that prior to his decision to finally postpone the much-talked about Land Bill, he engaged the Minister of Land Reform Utoni Nujoma, Vice President Nicky Iyambo and Premier Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila in favour of national dialogue (Land Conference).
Geingob said it was imperative to interrogate the land issue with utmost “sincerity and clarity”.
Under the token, Geingob added that he was well aware land was being used by “discontented” individuals to spark chaos in the country.
Geingob defended his much-criticised Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), saying every leader was there to “dream”.
“It is strange that certain people are displaying a great determination to ridicule the concepts, which we have put in place to accelerate our development.”
“Let us disappoint them by succeeding,” said a clearly confident Geingob.
In the past two weeks, the President opened the 5th session of the 6th Parliament, first Cabinet Meeting of 2017 and the 2017 Namibian legal year.
“This means that all the three organs of the State will be up and running today (Tuesday) and the message I have for you is the same, 2017 is a year of re-dedication,” the President noted.
On tribalism
Furthermore, the Head of State said that there was nothing wrong with belonging to different tribes and ethnic groups as it is part of the African heritage.
However, Geingob said, “There is no separatism in the Namibian house in the Namibian House.”

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