Wednesday 14 April 2021
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‘I would’ve helped Meroro win’ – Harry Simon

Harry SimonThree-time world champion, Harry Simon, believes Vikapita ‘Beastmaster’ Meroro would have defeated South Africa’s Kevin ‘KO Kid’ Lerena last Saturday had his camp allowed the former champion to help the Namibian.
Meroro could not take the hard punches from his opponent thus throwing in the towel in round 5 to sign-off his last retirement fight at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg.
Prior to Meroro’s embarrassing defeat to the KO Kid, Simon was on record saying that he wanted to help Meroro for his fight because he knew what he was getting himself into. But according to Simon, the Beastmaster’s camp never got back to him.
“I knew the challenger. I have worked with his trainer before so I knew what they were going to bring to the table.
Harry (45), who is in the twilight of his boxing career, believes that had he been given the chance to prepare Meroro, the results would have turned out differently. “I’m 100 percent sure that he would have won that fight with my help. But well, I thought I was doing a good thing but some unfortunately did not see it so. I thought it was also good for me because I was training for a fight. So I ask them why they did not get back to me,” said Simon, referring this publication to the Meroro camp.
A source close to the Meroro camp enlightened this publication that the former champion’s proposal was more to his (Simon) benefit than to help Meroro, hence it saw no light.
“He approached us looking for a sparring partner because he was apparently also preparing for a fight. We did not have a problem with that. What is puzzling is that Harry wants us to pay him N$25 000 for his accommodation. So why should we pay somebody who is basically training with our boxer for primarily their benefit? And if we paid him, will we then also pay Meroro? And it is him who wanted a partner for that matter,” said the source.
The source added that Simon was with the Meroro crew in South Africa and he set at a table paid by the Meroro camp. “He was fine with us in Joburg so I don’t understand how we are the bad ones.”
Asked why they did not inform the champion of the impossibility of his request, the source said: “It just does not make sense to pay somebody who needs a sparring partner.”
Attempts to get comment from Meroro were futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.
Simon has over the years, reiterated that he and Meroro are on good terms the rumours spreading that they had beef is pure fallacy. Meroro’s last fight, at the age of 34, brings him to a retiring record of 34 fights with 28 wins.

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