Thursday 15 April 2021
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Give your car a Valentines treat with Wangara

Wangara copyIt’s the month of love and Wangara Automotive Group has your back when it comes to treating your car this Valentines. Just like your significant other, your vehicle is special and how you treat it equally determines how longer you can grow together stronger.

For this Valentines, Wangara has dropped madness prices that will enable you to show love to your vehicle just as you would for your partner. Three valentines Specials- get a treat of your wheel alignment for under N$200; 50 % discount on selected tyres; or opt for the Full-house treatment which includes alignment, swapping of tyres, balancing and nitrogen for N$450 on all cars.

Just like the engine is as important, vehicle performance and its touch with the road is an aspect that cannot be ignore. Stressing on the importance of wheel alignment and the tyres is company co-founder Elizabeth Asino-Joseph who said the state of your car tyres cannot be compromised as it plays a big role with regards to safety.

“If your car is not aligned, it is going to pull to the right or the left. And if you are driving at high speed, the only thing that is likely to happen is that you are going to cause an accident,” she said.
She advised that alignments should be done at least once a year or every 10 000 to 20 000 km adding that it also places a life span on tyres.

“If your tyres are pulling, it is going to pull on one side and not universal. This means that it is going to wear out at twice the normal rate. So a tyre that was supposed to give you 30 000 km will not give you less than that. The beauty of alignment is it that it saves lives and prolongs your tyre life span.”

Wangara has invested in the state of the art latest machinery to make sure that vehicles gets the best of what there is. The automotive has invested in a 3-D alignment machine that aligns according to car specification. So, unlike the normal alignment machine that give you a generic alignment, the 3-D machine give results based on specification and how your car would react on a normal road.

Stressing on the importance of tyres Asino-Joseph said tyres plays a big role in the driver’s safety and they should be priority at all times.

“If your tyre is not good, it is a matter of life and death. If your threading is gone, this means that your tyre is going to skid when you brake.”

The automotive offers other services such as battery sales, vehicle leasing, wheel balancing, vehicle sales, tyre patch repair, vehicle rental, fuel and lubricant, fleet management and brake and shock testing. With a motivated team, they are on the move to becoming a one-stop hub that provides all vehicle treatments.
For these crazy specials, locate them in Windhoek in Prosperita or in Northern Industrial area. Wangara also has a centre in northern Namibia Ongwediva.

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