Sunday 20 June 2021
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2tiko and Saima start with ‘Endjikiti’

EndjikitiEndjikiti is the debut album of the Shambo duo, Ilovu Aktofel aka 2tiko and Saima Iita. Comprising of thirteen tracks in total, the album is a collection of fresh talent where synthesizers meet vocal talent. The album delivered a powerful message to the youth blending in a variety of topics such as living a good life, hard work and making money.

It is no exaggeration to say that the album is filled with lyrics that would have you want to play the tracks over and over. Endjikiti kicks off with an introduction which is surely set to get you in the Shambo vibes.

On the second track the duo gives advice on the way to live a progressive life. ‘Hate no body’ which is the fourth track brings a flair of RnB to the album with the voice of Zulu Ama Daz Floor.

The sixth track titled ‘Nailale’ can be rated as the best on the album. It has lyrics derived from an Oshiwambo cultural song featured by Shuudeni and Shiimi P. On this track, the duo calls on the youth to embark on a journey and work hard. “Let the journey begin for us to take you back in the days because culture is a wealth,” sings the talented.

Track seven which features Glo Solani is titled ‘Tse otweshihumbata’ which translates ‘to we are carrying it.’ Through this track the duo conveys a message that in whatever people go through they must be strong and carry it on their shoulders.

In the eighth track the duo sang on how good things come to those who wait saying that they were lost, too. The ninth track titled ‘money maker’ conveys that money is for those with a vision trying to build the country and that money doesn’t come easy like maize meal. “Let’s respect money for money to respect us also when we do real work,” sings the duo.

As Endjikiti reaches its eleventh track the duo sang on how exemplary married couples are, to top it off they also gave a pinch of advice to the married ones to keep insults, gossip and lies out saying that they should rather work to build their home, make peace and let love lead.

The titular track comes in a house music version of track five slightly varying in instrumentals and lyrics. It goes without a whisper that Endjikiti tracks sound more like those of everyone’s favourite trio PDK. This could be because the duo received most of their support from PDK.

2tiko na Saima say that they are inspired by Nankili naShima and Tate Kwela and as thereof do not want to kill what they started. “We are willing to take shambo on another level by commercializing it,” expressed the duo. The easily digestible album was produced by Glo except track 8 which was produced by Eddy Mwamboflani and track 9 by Sydney.

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