Monday 12 April 2021
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Warehouse Presents Showbiz Workshops

ShowBizThe Warehouse Theatre in collaboration with Lize Ehlers of HEC Productions has joined forces to present a series of entertainment industry workshops. These workshops are aimed to help artists develop skills to ensure a smooth and professional working relationship in the future with corporate event organisers, venue owners as well as the media.
With a speaker’s list that adds up to almost 100 years of experience altogether, the workshop contents will be of immense value to all artists, promoters and event organizers. The speakers will be sharing their knowledge and experience, giving hands-on advice on all levels with veterans also expected to benefit from the various workshops that will be hosted.
Conny Pimenta of the Warehouse Theatre stated that people need to open communication channels between all stakeholders in the entertainment industry, literally from performers, venue management, theatres, pubs or hotels, event organizers, the technical support companies and the media. “It does not help for each entity to see themselves as an island. We all need to learn from each other, hear each other’s challenges, learn from other’s mistakes and then learn how to see the way forward for ourselves. It is only when all stakeholders in the entertainment industry can produce quality service on all levels and supporting each other, that stakeholders can move forward towards true professionalism,” said Conny.
The first workshop is set to take place on tomorrow at the Warehouse Theatre from14h00 to 17h00, entitled ‘Putting A Production Together.’ This workshop will take the participants back to the basics, to the groundwork that needs to be done for a production, focusing on the performance, technical, financial and marketing aspects. “It is only once the artists have grasped what a production truly entails, that they realize there’s far more to show life than merely a couple of rehearsals and pitching up for the event,” said Lize Ehlers.
Ehlers said the workshop is not aimed at hobby artists but rather to engage those who have real questions based on their past show experience. However, newcomers in the production and technical field, as well as agents, promoters, managers and facilitators are encouraged to partake.
50 to 100 participants are expected to take part in the workshop. “The people will be speaking about putting up a production from a venue part of the side as these are all the elements that make a production work. Putting up the physical production, what it entails and as important as putting up the production preparing the whole thing as marketing the whole thing,” she explained.
Ehlers adds that Conny of Warehouse and Fellep Uupindi from Free Your Mind will be some of the facilitators during the workshop.
The second workshop which is entitled ‘Corporates and More: Working with Events Organisers’ will take place on 18 February. This workshop will feature three of the top event’s organizers in Namibia. Sharing their obstacles experienced in the past, as a performer or technician, you can make your life so much easier if you stick to their guidelines on what is required by the artists before, during and after an event to make your relationship with them run smoothly.
More workshops will be presented on a monthly basis at the Cellar of Rock at the Warehouse Theatre. A registration fee of N$50 is required which will cover your food and drinks for the afternoon and give you free entrance to The Loft for that night.

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