Sunday 20 June 2021
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Where do you live, Mr. President?

Kapofi1 state house
“What is the issue here, do you want to know that he is there or he is not there? I do not understand what I must answer about it (where Geingob resides), what is the news about it?” was the response this newspaper got when it contacted Presidential Affairs Minister Frans Kapofi this week to ascertain President Hage Geingob’s place of residence since he asumed office.
Sources in the know have it on good authority that Geingob resides at his private residence on the outskirts of Windhoek instead of the State House which was primarily designed to be the home of the country’s sitting President.
Geingob’s reluctance to live in the State House is seen as a taboo by many, considering the fact that world-over, Presidents [no matter their wealth status] leave their private residence and move into the official residence provided by the State.
State House is fitted with all apparatus ranging from security, administration, leisure and other basics a President would require to execute his/her presidential functions.
President Geingob has been in office for almost two years now but it remains uncertain whether he resides at the “Presidential Palace” at the State House.
Speaking to The Patriot earlier this week, Kapofi could not explicitly tell this reporter whether Geingob currently resides at State House.
Moreover, seeing that Geingob does not reside at State House, The Patriot then asked Kapofi whether it meant an increase in the number of security personnel to guard the President.
Kapofi said bluntly said “no”, indicating that no additional security members were added to the security detail of the President.
According to Kapofi, claims that Geingob has had to increase his security team to secure both his private and public homes were zilch of any truth.
Kapofi went on to further accuse some media houses of deliberately creating an impression that Geingob was deliberately increasing state “costs”.
“There is no extra number of security members as you (media) want to imply,”
“You (media) want to establish that the President has increased the costs (security team) which is not the case,” added Kapofi.
Additionally, Geingob’s safety and security have come under scrutiny because he does not live at the State House which has led to suggestions the safety of the first citizen is “compromised”.
“Safety is provided for wherever the President is, whether he is at a hotel or at his own private residence. The safety of the President is always a priority to state security, it is never compromised,” added Kapofi.
Furthermore, credible sources in the know have told this paper that the President prefers staying in hotels when he visits the regions-even in regions where there are regional state houses.

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