Friday 18 June 2021
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TBA introduces Tods Program

Branched out of their high school league, the Technical Basketball Academy has broadened their league, now introducing toddlers to the sport of basketball.
Early last year, the academy became one of the few establishments to accommodate primary pupils from Van Rhyn and Olof Palme Primary School to grow into basketball and be presented with a platform to acquire entrepreneurial skills.
Social entrepreneur and founder of the Technical Basketball Academy (TBA), Titus Mwahafa created the environment where young learners are being groomed to become Namibia’s basketball favourites and at the same time, excel in their academic lives.
This year, the academy’s TBA Tods Program is set to enroll more children from various primary schools as young as 9 to 12 years old. “We want to groom the children from the grass root level. The new league will not be as competitive as the high school league but participants will eventually be intergraded into the bigger league,” said Mwahafa.
TBA aims to empower over 50 000 youth within the next five years, in concerted effort to improve quality of life for the Namibian child.
Mwahafa pointed out that what will be different with the new program is the approach – which is more befitting the participants. To highlight a few, Mwahafa said: “children will have the opportunity to visit museum, career fairs, participate in spelling competitions and at the same time learn how to play basketball.”
He adds: “Last year has proven that the integration of education, entrepreneurship and basketball is a not only attainable, but possible and can be successful. The program we have laid out for our TBA-TODS is fun, educational and very intense. If you have always wanted to let you child into a basketball oriented program that was physically and mentally challenging you can contact the TBA-TODS Division today.”
Calling out parents to enroll their children at no cost, Mwahafa says they want to create a culture in which parents are involved in their children’s sports activities.
If you have always wanted to let your child to play in a basketball oriented program, contact the TBA-TODS Division today. Applications are now available the academy’s website ( for free.

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