Friday 23 April 2021
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Song Night bigger in 2017

Song Night
The much-anticipated Song Night event is back and with a largely elevated spirit and sound. Auditions for the event kick-start at the Theatre School on 1 February at 18h00. The first live event is set for 22 February, 20h00 at the Warehouse Theatre.
The host of the event, Lize Ehlers, who is also a renowned award-winning singer and actress, says that the sky is ‘not’ the limit this year. According to Ehlers, 2016 was one of the most successful years for the event, reaching great millstones.
Two of their singers are now recording artists. One of them, Bradley Anthony, released two albums last year.
With Song Night, Ehlers’ ultimate vision is that participants become truly independent and self-sufficient recording artistes within the music industry. She says it is merely a stepping stone and guide for singers to get into the industry.
This year, the platform is in search of participants that showcase “the Namibian sound”, – a sound that has to depict a story and send out a message. “We are in search of prepared singers that are willing to work hard and go the extra mile. This means singers need to know their lyrics when they audition and feel the story from within,” she said.
RMB, through the First National Bank Foundation, remains the main sponsor of the event. However, Ehlers encourages more sponsors to come on board.
Though the economic recession is a contributing factor to the delay in sponsorships, Ehlers, remains optimistic that through the assistance of her team, they will utilize their resources as efficiently and adequately as possible.
Ehlers shared that she aims to making Song Night a national and international brand. They will thus be introducing new singers and fans throughout the country. In the spirit of growing the platform, Song Night will soon feature in the coastal towns of the country. Plans to broadcast the event are also underway on a date yet to be realized but she encourages loyalists to look out for the great adventure.

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