Monday 19 April 2021
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GIPF well-resourced despite tough economic climate: Nuuyoma

The Government Institution Pension Fund (GIPF) says it is financially stable to carry out all its capital and operational projects despite the current Namibian economic climate that has seen government put a halt to major capital projects.
Speaking to The Patriot in the capital yesterday after the official launch of the refurbished client services area at the GIPF headquarters and the opening of the B1 city satellite office in Katutura, GIPF chief executive officer (CEO) David Nuuyoma said the institution is well positioned to cater for any challenges that might arise as a result of the economic meltdown that is currently being experienced.
“We are well-resourced and all along we have been prudent with our investments and thus have sufficient resources to cater for our all capital as well as operational project developments,” Nuuyoma confidently stated.
“We also have sufficient reserves to cater for any challenges that may come in the in the market, we are not in any way constraint in expanding our services,” added Nuuyoma.
Furthermore, Nuuyoma assured GIPF clients that the institution was “well positioned” to provide the best services possible.
According to him, what Namibia is going through is not an excuse to underperform as clients’ demand for services is always high.
According to Nuuyoma, the creation B1 City of Office was necessitated by GIPF’s desire and commitment to bring its doors closer to its clients in Katutura and Khomasdal suburbs who are usually subjected to long distances and queues to get services
“We took a resolution that we have to bring our services closer to the people and to relieve pressure from the existing office in Windhoek,” said Nuuyoma.
Apart from taking services closer to the people, the creation of the B1 City Office in Katutura was prompted by a lack of parking space at the headquarters and to reduce long waiting queues that clients are usually subjected to.
The membership base of Namibia’s biggest pension fund has grown to over 150 000 members over the years, hence the expansion of service provision centers.
Nuuyoma further added that the institution will roll-out its operations to the regions with satellite offices expected in the towns of Oshakati, Ondangwa and Katima Mulilo as they face challenges in terms of service delivery.
“The process (creation of satellite offices) is ongoing and we are going to identify places accordingly,” added Nuuyoma.
Also in the quest to improve service delivery, GIPF has introduced the Queue Management System and revamped the client service area to make it more “efficient and customer” friendly.
“We want to introduce technology to make it easy for our members to view their statements and make enquiries,” said Nuuyoma.
GIPF board chairman Goms Menette said the idea behind the improved system was to minimise waiting times and frustration among clients.
“This systems will successfully manage the time that our member have to wait in queues, improve efficiency and effectiveness and predetermine the waiting periods,” added Menette.
The revamped client service area encompasses a client sitting area, refreshments, brochures and guides to GIPF services, toilet facility, free internet access (Wi-Fi) and computerised systems to rate services of the organisation and making appointments.
Menette said the newly introduced system which includes queue management system, the communicator, the feedback solution and the content management will effectively manage the time members spent in a queue while waiting to be assisted.
“It will improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout the waiting period and pre-determine the purpose of the members’ enquiry and language preference before they are attended to, hence our service team is fluent in most local languages to better assist all our members in the language that they find most convenient,” said Menette.
He said the project will be implemented in phases, starting with Head office and at a later stage be rolled out to all our regional offices.

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