Monday 19 April 2021
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Body and Soul in Harmony with Nature at Lake Oanob

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If you would like to escape the city life, Lake Oanob resort is the place to visit. Lake Oanob Resort is an established resort on the banks of the most scenic lake in Namibia. It’s a peaceful and quiet place to stay – some place to invigorate and relax. The lake was founded in 1994 by a group of individuals from a previously disadvantaged background: the number of individual shareholders totals 57.
Lake Oanob Resort is the only BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Resort of note in the tourism sector registered with the Hotel Association of Namibia (HAN).
Situated on 6200 hectares in the beautiful Hardap Region and only 100 kilometres south of Windhoek, Lake Oanob Resort is a unique resort featuring spacious luxury chalets, cosy rooms and unique campsites. Open all-season, it offers superb lake views, genuine, heart-felt hospitality and is the perfect place to relax and be invigorated. It is surrounded by mountains, hills and the lake including the friendly staff.
Lake Oanob offers various accommodations from single rooms, double or family rooms, a special Suite, luxury-chalet and campsites.
The unique position of the Lake Oanob Resort as well as the nature makes the possibility to offer activities much larger. It is not only the lake, but the landscape also has its own charm. Some activities you can enjoy year-round include game drives, hiking, boat rides, canoeing, aqua cycling, giraffe pool bar, swimming in our outdoor pools or in the lake.
Nature Drives
You can take a trip of approximately one hour in search of game, birds and to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the lake and its landscape. Part of the game that you might spot are Giraffes, Zebras, Oryx, Gnu, Impalas, Springboks, Blessboks, Waterboks, Nyalas, Elands, Hartebeests, Warthogs and Ostriches.
Rates: 1 ½ hour drive, including 2 drinks Adults N$ 150 and Child N$ 80 (min. N$ 600)
With your own 4×4 you can take on a self-drive 4×4 Route. You’ll be provided with a map to explore the beautiful landscape and the various games.
Rates: Adults N$ 50 and Children N$ 25
Sun downer drive with a 4×4 vehicle allows for a possible bird and game sightings before stopping at a scenic spot for a drink and a snack as the sun sets.
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If you would like to approach the animals closer than you might be able to do it by car, you have the opportunity to explore the game park by hiking. There are nice, rather easy paths and beautiful viewpoints. Or what about visit the highest dam wall? The hike there is very nice and you even have the chance to do maybe a little pick-nick at the view point. Rates: Adults N$ 30 and Children N$ 15
Lake Oanob is a good location to tick off a few birds from the list. There is a multitude of bird species in various natural habitats and some different fish species.
Try your wits against some of the lakes occupants (catch and release). Note: Take along your own fishing equipment.
Water Activities
Boat Rides
Smaller groups of up to 6 people can explore Oanob dam from a speed boat. The lake is well-stocked with fish which in turn attracts a variety of water birds. Since the lake has many “hidden rocks”, the boat ride is only possible with our driver.
Rates: 20min. (min. N$ 300) N$ 150 Children N$ 80
Take 1 pull or 3 tries in an activity that is harder than it looks.
Rates: N$ 300 + Boat minimum (excl. of extra per. on boat)
Tube Rides
You will have great fun getting pulled around behind a speeding boat.
Rates: N$ 50 Child 30 (excl. boat min. & extra per pers. on boat)
Hire a canoe to have some fun on the water or to go and find the many different species of birds.
Rates: N$ 20 (per person)
Aqua Cycling
Take a nice trip over the lake on the aqua cycles for 30 minutes.
Rates: N$ 50 for adults and N$ 30 for children
Fish Eagle Cruise
The floating pontoon has a bar, toilet and music facilities on board. It can accommodate up to 60 adults. Catering can also be done on boat with no own drinks and food are allowed to take on board! The boat departs on the agreed time and any late departure will shorten the trip!
Rates: 1h N$ 1800
2h N$ 2800
3h N$ 3800
Giraffe Pool Bar
Diverting and relaxing at the heated Giraffe Pool Bar. You cannot go into the Giraffe Pool bar unless you are wearing the correct Swimwear – NO cotton, No denim, etc. – ONLY Swimwear.
Rates: N$ 200 (age restriction 18years)
If you would like to spend a quiet and relaxing time full of peace and celebrate any kind of occasion together with a marvelous view over the lake, the dam and the mountain lake Oanob is the best option. It offers you calm and live experiences through your impressions, adventures and new experiences.

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