Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Inclined to succeed

In these modern days that we have found ourselves to exist, we can surely count ourselves blessed that we were born in times when things such as communication and transport can be quite effectively carried out without much hustle; a privilege that we most often take for granted given its availability. We are indeed endowed with a gift that many before us did not have.

My line of thought recently came to life when I imagined the troubles and struggles that our forefathers endured as they sort to make these nations we call home today, independent. Their labours and difficulties were made even more tenacious by the lack of a stable communication system as we have today, making the flow of information a tedious expedition. Not to speak of the pains involved in moving from one place to another, seeing as it was evidently difficult to access motor vehicle transportation in those days.

We, on the other hand have been placed in a position where our greatest challenge is not on access to information or its sources but rather our choice of where to access the same. We are spoiled with endless options of what mode of transport to use, provided the availability of resources and this has made it very easy to traverse great distances without the option of trekking.

It is by our own making that we continue to be divided among ourselves, especially as an African youth. The ideas and modes of transformation that I have heard expressed by the many bright minds I have encountered are truly the definition of the future of the African continent.

The free trades, inter-connected borders, the single passports, similar languages of communication and easier access are all bent on the efforts of our generation to realise that self-actualisation does not wholly depend on action by self; it is the result of the collective input of many to ensure that individuals all -in utilitarian fashion- share in the benefits of action by all.

There are many youthful movements and groups of intellectuals in various African countries that today can be categorised as small because they are acting alone hoping to achieve great results and in turn, recognition for their contribution to the betterment of our world. While this motive in itself is not bad, the fact that the vision then remains stagnant in the minds of the leaders with no one to take it further leaves us in a precarious situation. So then we have many ideas being birthed every day, being natured by a small group and when they do, or do not get accomplished, they are forged up in folders and accumulate digital dust before being formatted out and forgotten by the winds of modernity.

There is a great need for us, among ourselves to find ways of channelling our efforts beyond our own borders. This could be from one city to the next, or between nations, or even among several racial groups or economic classes. We owe it to ourselves to liberate this generation of its current economic situations and to ensure that those that come after us can pick up a battle that was truly well fought, not that they again should start to find ways of meandering through the political and social jungles that we have found ourselves in. Godspeed Pilgrim.

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