Thursday 15 April 2021
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Clear Out the Junk…

As 2016 rolled to an end I took time to reflect on the battles that I won, blessings I received, friends that I made and the impact I have had on those around me. Apart from the reflections I also took time to clear out the junk that I have accumulated throughout the year.

During the course of every year, we collect things – the things we need, the things we want and the things other people tell us we should have. We gather so much, the necessary and the unnecessary but one can also not keep all of these things. It is important to just get rid of the unnecessary. It might be difficult to choose what to throw away and to keep but it’s very simple; all that you need to get rid of is anything and everything that is hindering your progress yet keeping everything else in place. Now for you to make the best out of 2017 you may consider shedding off some of these…

The first thing that one mustn’t entertain this year is self-doubt. Self-doubt can be crippling if you let it. Most of us seem to be firm, but one negative word from a single person sends us into the pit of doubt and causes us to forget about the pursuit we were once  so passionate about. This year we need to reawaken the zeal and get back with a bang. Whatever anyone has said is not the final say. You may not be as good as they are, but you surely would not get there by giving up. Get up, dust yourself off and ease back into the path of your dream.

Also, don’t be like a leaf on water which is pushed in the direction of the river irrespective of what the destination of the river is. By this I mean that you should not be swayed by the opinions of friends, frenemies, colleagues and even strangers. Of course there may be positive tweaks that can be made to one’s personality based on constructive conversations with friends but that should not lead to a mob mentality. We should not accept that something is right because everyone else says so. The popular opinion is not necessarily the right one or the wise one for that matter.

I know how tempting it is to compare ourselves to others and that telling you to not do it will be a complete waste of my time. Alright then, compare. But make sure you are comparing yourself with yourself. Compare where you were yesterday, where you are now and where you are heading. Then focus on moving your desired amount of inches, metres, or even kilometres in 2017. YOUR DESIRED AMOUNT, not Maria’s or Martin’s but YOURS.

I would also like us to drop the need for external validation. If social media followers, number of likes on Instagram, number of comments on Facebook pictures make you feel valid in this world, honey, you need to wake up. The only validation you need is you. You need to love yourself first; without self-love, you can be reduced to a speck of dust by a targeted comment from a perfectly positioned person. Always remember that if you live for the compliments of others, you will one day die from their criticism.

Once you get rid of these, your path will be clear and your 2017 journey will be an amazing one. Let us make this race worth the run!

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