Monday 12 April 2021
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Repeating your days

Throughout the year we developed routines, these routines dictate how our days should go, when to wake up in the morning, take a shower because it uses less water than bathing, eat cornflakes for breakfast and drive to school or work using the same route. The weekdays go by in a blur and later you complain about your life being boring.

The routines we set for ourselves however vary from one person to the other. Some routines start in the morning, while others start in the night. Morning routines are mostly for students and workers who have to get to work early. These routines have been found to be hard to break, especially during the holidays like this one. You would still wake up at 06h00 for school or work and wonder why you are still like that. It’s because you have been doing that exact same thing for months that your body has become accustomed to it.

I think routines are just people’s ways of avoiding any excitement in their lives. My dad always says “variety is the spice of life”, so spice up your lives and stop playing it safe all the time. YOLO is a very popular phrase screamed before or after someone does something that can be considered stupid. But when it comes to shaking up their life, YOLO becomes a negative phrase. That because you only live once you must do so with caution.

One’s day should never be completely planned out, you should allow a little leeway for something unexpected to happen. I understand that the unexpected can be scary but without new experiences here and there, you would never know if you would like them or not. Therefore I urge you to take new routes, explore and push yourself to do things that you enjoy doing. It is said that if you enjoy your job, you would never work a day in your life, so in life endeavor to do what you like so you enjoy your life.

What is the use of a new year if everything remains the same. During weekdays, especially in the middle and towards the end of the year. People begin to look like zombies following each other, doing the same things. Be hard working but don’t sacrifice your enjoyment for constant work. Everyone deserves a break.

Next year I want everyone to shake up their routines and avoid repetition. If you ate cornflakes for breakfast yesterday, today try out some fruits or oats. You should try to avoid a repeat of the previous day at all costs. What is the point of living the same day over and over again? Won’t it feel like you are stuck in the same position day in and day out?

So go and live your lives to the fullest, so that when your time comes to depart from this world, you would have no regrets. The thing is people think when they have been established then they would enjoy their lives, but by then there would always be reasons to postpone. Stop saying tomorrow and starts saying now.

Adios !

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