Friday 16 April 2021
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Positioning Namibia as Africa’s logistics hub

Nominated as the implementing agency of the Namibia Logistics Hub Project, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group says it continues to build momentum toward repositioning the country as Africa’s Logistics Centre. Following the completion of the Logistics Master Plan in 2015, this project, under the auspices of the National Planning Commission, remains a key National Programme.
“The preparation for the Logistics Master Plan Phase III Study is ongoing, the Work Plan for JICA’s Technical Cooperation Program is to be finalised and the monthly Logistics Hub Forums continue as well as the Industry Capacity Building Programs,” said Walvis Bay Corridor Group CEO, Johny Smith, in the company’s final newsletter for the year.
He added: “Other activities engaged the local freight, logistics and transport industry to continuously seek their support in strengthening Namibia’s transport sector.
We also engaged the regional and international multinational companies to campaign for the interest for both the utilisation of the Port of Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay Corridors. A number of projects with international partners were derived from the engagements by the WBCG.” Smith said, with input from various stakeholders, WBCG prepared a comprehensive Implementation Plan.
“This plan will also be fully adapted to the Harambee Prosperity Plan as well as the NDP 5, which runs from 2017 to 2022.
The successful implementation of the Logistics Hub Projects hinges on effective coordination of the various parties within government and the private sector,” he said.
It is thus of paramount importance that Namibia adopts the PPP model in all of its large-scale infrastructure development projects, which allows for private sector investment and involvement, said the CEO.
“We remain committed to the successful and timely implementation of the Logistics Master Plan programmes and will continue to advocate to the Government to ensure sufficient resources, both financial and technical.”

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