Monday 19 April 2021
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“Diana” to spend Christmas in hospital

While everyone else is looking forward to Christmas celebration with their loved ones, 25 December is nothing to be excited about for 12-year-old Diana[not her real name] who was born with HIV/AIDS. This is because she has to spend the day in her hospital bed in the care of nurses.
Diana was looking forward to spending Christmas with her family until she was admitted in hospital two weeks ago when her condition started deteriorating. “When we went for follow up that Tuesday morning the doctor referred her to Katutura hospital due to her swollen feet,” Diana’s mother told this publication yesterday. Although it is sad to spend Christmas in bed, Diana is keeping her spirits high and says she is grateful to everyone who has reached out to her. Diana’s mother said her daughter’s condition has slightly improved ever since she started taking some of the medication that was donated to her by one of the good Samaritans. “Her feet are no longer swollen and the scales that she had have disappeared,” she said.
Several good Samaritans stepped forward to help Diana when The Patriot ran the story earlier this month, some came with food donations while others donated medical supplements.
But despite the slight improvement, Diana is suffering from diarrhoea and she has been vomiting for the past days, which she says weakened her.
Diana was diagnosed with the virus in December 2014 when she started getting ill regularly. The mother says when she found out about the pregnancy with Diana, she tested for HIV in the North, but unfortunately had to come to Windhoek and thus could not receive her test results.
When Diana was put on Anti-retroviral medication she was already 10 years old. Ever since her diagnosis it has not been easy for Diana as she has been in and out of the hospital. She was first admitted to the hospital in October 2015 when she was diagnosed with Anaemia, the latest admittance is the fourth.
Diana has been formerly been diagnosed with opportunistic diseases such as Tuberculosis and Anaemia which are all set to be cured. Currently, the doctors are trying to tract the cause of Diana’s deteriorating condition although there seem to be no problem related to the virus. “For the past days the doctors have been transfusing blood and they are saying that the protein cells are improving but could still not identify why her body is not improving,” says her mother. Diana has two other siblings of which only one is infected with the virus but in a very stable condition.
Both of her parents are unemployed and thus rely on the little that her father makes from the small jobs that he gets. She is promoted to grade seven next year, and hopes to be discharged before school commences to continue with her studies. She is also looking forward to receiving anything for Christmas more especially clothes.

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