Friday 23 April 2021
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Adora delivers her first – ‘As I Am’

After years of being a feature artist and never really standing alone, Namibia’s undoubted songstress has finally come out solo with her first debut album ‘As I Am.’ If you are an avid follower of Namibian music, then you will know that we have very few female artists with the quality of voice which is Adora.
Therefore we would expect nothing but class and excellence. An album of 12 tracks with nothing but the best !
With this album ‘As I Am’ Adora showcases her Afrocentricity which she ably demonstrates in her music. As you may know that there is no dull moment with the songstress, she pokes her listeners to get up and dance whether they understand the lyrics or not. The album connects with the ‘local is lekker’ trend and is quite commendable giving the ever growing influence from American and western popular culture which seems to be taking the world by storm.
‘As I Am’ has a local flare and flavor that shows pride in the Namibian and African way of life. She expresses her pride in being a purely black woman in her song ‘Chocolate’- track 9.
But that is not the whole story – the album also encourages its listeners to believe in themselves and never let insecurities hold them back from doing what they want to do. This is clear in the first track ‘Ready to fly’ where the artist tells her tale of not being considered trustworthy at some point. She declares that she is ready to rise contrary to what other people thought of her.
The support from her parents comes through in the album. She commends her family specifically her mother and father for understanding her dreams and pushing her to realize them. There is also a clear message to absentee parents to pull up their socks and be there for their children so that they can get a shout out from their kids for their good parenting skills.
Track 6, #ama, featuring Kalux, she includes the listener by sharing her insecurities which she believes is now in the past. With the smooth melody, she advices young women and men to be strong. An issue that young people are struggling with even now. However, inspirational music like those of this album help with those insecurities. She says no matter whether you are a man, a woman and whatever your tribe, Herero, Damara or Wambo, everyone is beautiful.
Another theme of the album is bullying which she personally had to cope with at a young age. She sings about how she could not defend herself doing such times. In the song she confesses her mirror affirmations where she reminded herself that she is special. With this song, she looks forward to inspire confidence in others so that they can become successful no matter what anyone else says.
The album also has an aspect of love. It talks about the betrayal of ones’ love in the song track ‘Ahawe’ featuring Sally and the lies people tell to obtain love. She questions herself why she allowed herself to be tricked by the lies. ‘Ahawe’ started receiving airplay early this year is it was one of the songs that kept listeners waiting for the full album.
The album also expresses the joy in the assurance of love talking about unconditional love. This is apparent in the song called ‘I Know You’re Mine’, where she declares that she would do anything for her love and that he made her who she is. The song speaks volumes.
Throughout the album she spreads her message of growth and love while keeping the album upbeat. It inspires people to live their lives to the fullest and to dance. She also managed to include local flare that speaks to the locals. If you once doubted the gifted songstress, “As I Am’ is a true living testimony of pure talent that underscores the artist’s life – but you can dance to it too.

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