Saturday 17 April 2021
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Namibian Women overcome man made barriers

The Patriot last week ran a women supplement in its Lifestyle section in recognition of the great strides made by Namibian women in various industries. We did so in celebration of
Namibian Women’s Day in partnership with MMI Holdings Namibia.
Namibia Women’s Day is celebrated annually on the 10th of December. Below are some of the women who were featured.
screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-10-32-50-amFlorentina Dumbu
The 28 year old Florentina is the only senior female pilot in the Namibian Police Air Wing Directorate. She obtained her Private Pilot License to study at the Namibian Aviation Training Academy at the age of 21.
In 2010, Florentina was awarded with a commercial License which landed her a job as a pilot in the Police Air Wing. The same year, she was sent to South Africa to study towards her helicopter license.
Having being in the sector for almost 6 years now, Florentina has bagged a few VIP flights with President Geingob and former President Pohamba as guests. Other frequent flyers include NAMPOL Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga as well as a couple of ministers.
“I am an adrenaline junkie”
screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-10-32-58-amElizabeth is one of the four childhood friends who own and run Wangara Automotive Group. She serves as the Managing Director and is a computer scientist by profession.
Elizabeth is an entrepreneur by heart and enjoys the automotive industry so much. Her love for entrepreneurship started at an early age when she started involving herself in her father’s businesses and this keeps her going. Another motivating factor is realizing that her employees depend on the business for survival and she would want to see them living better and growing.
Having the love of the Namibian nation at heart and playing a role in keeping the Namibian roads safe is one of the few things that drives her love for the automotive industry.
“At the beginning people thought we were just women and we couldn’t cope but we have come this far and we are making our mark in the industry.”
farmerJudie Wiese
Brought up in Gobabis, Judie completed high school at Wennie du Plessis. She graduated with her B.Sc Degree from the University of Pretoria with Mathematics and Zoology as her main subjects.
For a few years she taught Mathematics at different schools like Academia Secondary School, Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool (WAP) and Wennie du Plessis. After getting married she had a Boer goat stud for 20 years which she later sold in 2009 to focus on breeding Arabian horses. One of her most special moments in endurance riding was in 2000 when she won the South African National Championship over 210 km at Fauressmith, SA.
Judie is involved with an organization called Amos Meerkat Schools with the logo “Living and farming God’s way.” The organization is a Christian based organization that strives to bring every person in Namibia into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to live and farm according to Biblical principles.
“We visited a lot of farms and realize that there are a lot of preschool children on farms that do not have the opportunity to attend a preschool” said Judie in describing how they became part of the life-changing organization.
“As a women I believe that you need to know your field if you want to participate or compete in a field with men. I believe that men show respect and acknowledge women if you know your subject.”
Rebekka Horaes
Rebekka is the acting camp manager of the NWR Popa Falls resort. Her life got more interesting when she joined the “08h00 to 17h00” world in the laundry department for a company that rendered their services to Namibia Wildlife Resort’s (NWR) at the Halali camp in the Etosha National Park.
In 2007 when NWR decided to open their own backroom laundry services at Halali and at other camps in the Etosha National Park, Rebekka was then poached for the job to head the department because of her vast knowledge in the industry. Rebekka was later appointed as Housekeeping Supervisor at the same camp which led to another bigger opportunity to act in the absence of the camp manager.
“We all have flaws, faults and weak points, but I know I am strong and I am destined for bigger challenges. After all, I brought myself here”
fullsizerender-7Rachel Kakololo
Despite professions being gender-tagged in today’s society, a few have entered the comfort zones where normally they would be expected not to cope. Defying against all odds, Rachael Kakololo is one of many women who refused to see barriers when it comes to realising her dreams, regardless of the setting. As a young engineer, she not only challenges the status quo but sets a living example that women too can make it in professions deemed to belong to men only.
A glimpse of the twenty five (25) year old Civil Engineer at the Roads Authority’s contribution to society, equal to men, is her role in the ongoing construction of the dual carriageway project between Windhoek and Okahandja. The completion of the much anticipated project will have not only a Rachael’s touch but the testimony that women in whatever field are just as capable end equally competitive.
vernaVerna Sinimbo
Sinimbo is the mayor of Rundu who believes that it is important to challenge traditional notions and value individual contributions. She has a deep and the diverse experience of teaching, entrepreneurship and community development.
After having worked as the Chief Community Liaison Officer for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child welfare for 11 years, Sinimbo took a risk in 2015 and resigned from her job. She decided to become a full time entrepreneur, to have more time to manage her private school, which now has a total of 21 employees. In the same year, she then became the Mayor of her home town Rundu, which is now one of the fastest developing towns in Namibia.
Sinimbo also believes that women are equally ambitious as men and opposed those who think women aren’t as ambitious as their male counterparts. “I lead without fear or favour and will never waver.”

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