Saturday 10 April 2021
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2016: As Good as it Gets!

‘What happened to 2016?’ I ask myself. It seems like only yesterday when I was contemplating on my 2016 resolutions and thinking how I was going to pull through. Somewhere I blinked, and 349 days later, I realised it was the week of Christmas.

What a year it has been, such a roller coaster! I cannot count the number of times I wanted to pull out my hair or walk out of my skin. During the course of the year, I went through emotions I never thought I could feel and they opened my eyes to lessons I never knew were there. Of course it hasn’t all been rosy; I had moments which were really unpleasant but I want to acknowledge all that has happened this year.

Oft times we fall short of our aspirations because we fail to acknowledge why we lost steam along the way. We fail to acknowledge the distractions that stole our time in previous years; we fail to acknowledge the fact that we somehow lost faith in our own aspirations along the way, and we definitely fail to acknowledge the possibility that we get swept away by the aspirations of others, simply abandoning ours.

There are no doubts life throws difficulties at us, and we become comfortable relapsing into old habits without even knowing it. As the year draws near the end I want us to acknowledge everything that we did wrong when the going was tough. I want us to acknowledge the behavioral traits and trends that we tend to fall back on and acknowledge the reasons we couldn’t fulfil all of our resolutions for the year. But most of all we need to acknowledge why we failed and how we failed. There might be extenuating circumstances which could be the culprits, but behavioral adjustments can push you farther in the coming year.

If you really have the desire to attain all of your resolutions next year or in the future, this is the time to get real and drop the façade! Acknowledge the root of your failures, and learn from them. It is also important to acknowledge the lessons you learnt, as well as those who pushed you into the difficult situations that taught you those lessons. Acknowledge your friends and relatives who were the bright stars in your dark sky.

In a year’s time, it will be the start of a new year; a blank book with no words. It is up to you to decide now what you intend to make that book about. It is up to you to change your script and write a more daring and courageous story. Make it your best story yet! 2016 may not have turned out to be what you hoped, but believe that 2017 is going to blow you away in a good way!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

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