Monday 12 April 2021
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The self-taught entrepreneur

Outspoken All People’s Party (APP) Secretary General Vinsent Kanyetu said Rundu’s ambitions to becoming a municipality is a mere dream which the town will not awake from any time soon. Kanyetu said this over the weekend during a visit of this publication in Rundu.
Just a few months ago, news emerged that the Rundu Town Council is seeking municipal status from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. The quest was based on facts that the town is one of the top populous and growing towns in the country.
“We apparently want to be become a municipality but we are actually dreaming. It is a good dream but we are not ready to turn the dream into reality,” said Kanyetu.
The SG based his analysis on the apparent lack of supervision and control amongst the council itself. He said the operation of the council has taken a nosedive and is headed in a diverging route that is not in the interest of the people of Rundu nor the development that needs municipal status.
A walk into the town exposes even the shortsighted of the piles of decorating refuse dumped and to be collected at a date not known. The rubbish around the town can be fingered to the growing population of the town. According to the 2011 Population Census, Rundu is home to 63 431 people, but Kanyetu argues that this figure has doubled if not more today. In addition to the unhygienic look and feel obvious reality, residents of the town are forced to eat the dust literally because of the lack of sufficient tarred roads.
“The council is failing to do the basic things already but have a haphazard dream to wanting to get municipal status. We have poor roads with potholes almost everywhere. Do not even speak of the gravel roads. Tenders to construct roads are given to comrades who go way beyond par just to benefit the chain before the actual work. It is a total mess.”
“No one is taking the water readings but council is charging us. They are just assuming that maybe you use this much and they will charge you this. I live in Sauyemwa and sometimes for six months I do not have water and now my bill is apparently N$6000. Where is this coming from? The CEO does not have control of his departments at all.”
Rundu CEO Romanus Haironga is currently on his second five-term of service on a Swapo ticket.
As a political head from the region, Kanyetu claims he has on numerous occasions tried to meet up with the council to discuss pertinent development issues but his efforts were futile. As such, Kanyetu has drawn the line that the management of the council serves no sincere interest of all Rundu residents.
“That type of leadership is not good for development. When you are given the opportunity to serve your people, serve them to your fullest. All we want at the end of the day is quality and good results. When you are town leader, you are not just a leader for Swapo but for all the people.”
Following recent reference to the region to be one of the poorest, Kanyetu similarly fingered these attributes to have been caused by the region’s leadership and the national high office itself. He made reference to tenders being given to outsiders to be one primary reason to the state in which the region find itself.
“Development is where the money belongs. We will remain poor if projects of the region are given to people from other regions. On top of this, we have been topping the list of all bad things as a region from teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse and others. But if we need to go forward, we need to look at ourselves and not push the blame. Central government gives money but we are not performing, we need to change our attitudes and personalities.”
Kanyetu did not spare the tone of underrepresentation of the region in high office as another enemy to a progressive Rundu. The APP leader made reference to the fact that the region only has one permanent secretary on top of other top positions that are not occupied by anyone from the second populous region.
“Since independence, this region has been treated like a step-child of Namibia by Swapo. We used to have Mashare Agricultural College before independence. It was where the farmers went to get educated. It was doing good and the region used to benefit from that. After independence, it was cancelled and they built the University of Namibia Ogongo Campus. Meaning we have to go to Ogongo to learn how to become farmers. Is this really fair?” asked Kanyetu.
In the same vein with the region being sidelined for development, Kanyetu also added that it is also mere impossible for those who live in Rundu to get land in their own town whilst others close to the circle benefit greatly from the land special deals.
“I have been applying since 2012. I do not even have a piece of land to my name. But guys who are coming from Hong Kong, who even steal our rhino horns and they are good at paying, their applications are finished within 24 hours. We don’t have ownership to prove that this is our town. We are slowly but surely selling the land that our ancestors fought for. Chinese are not going back because they are even making babies already.”
When this publication contacted the town’s CEO for comments on projects that the council is busy with and offer right of response on accusation laid to the council by Kanyetu, Haironga said told this journalist that he is leave and he is not obliged to answer any office questions. “My brother, I am currently on leave until next year so I cannot answer any of your questions,” said the CEO.
Contrary to Kanyetu’s analysis of the backward development of the town, the town in April opened their second shopping mall that has by default opened doors of employment and attracted investors to the town.

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