Sunday 11 April 2021
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Tips when decorating your nursery

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When it comes to designing a nursery for your baby, whether it is your first baby or not, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience. On the other hand, it can also be daunting and overwhelming, especially if one is unsure of where to start. In today’s article, I have provided simple steps as guidelines to assist you in starting this journey.

Use soft and nurturing colours – this will create a calming and peaceful environment for both the mother and baby.  Pastel colours, such as lavender and light blue, are soothing and will give a relaxing atmosphere.

Make sure to use no-voc paints that are low in odor as the chemicals found in some paints are toxic and can be an allergen.

Keep the décor simple. Babies grow fast and thus you want a room that will work for a new born up to beyond a year of age. Thus, choose a theme and design that can grow with your baby.

When buying a cot, think about safety! This includes a cot with the correct depth as well as having the correct distance between bars. Ensure that the area directly around the cot is safe, which includes keeping the cot away from windows, heaters or anything else that may prove to be dangerous. Also keep the cot out of direct sunlight.

Make sure that every thing placed in the nursery, such as carpets, bedding and curtains, are washable.
A comfy rocking or arm chair is a must! Especially for those late nights.

Ensure flexible lighting. Sometimes you will want to have the lights on bright while other times, like checking on them without waking them, you will want to have it more softer. Lighting should never be too harsh. A nightlight is a good idea as it provides the baby with safety and comfort.

Think about storage! Having a well organised nursery will reduce stress in a stressful situations.

Bedding should preferably be soft and 100% cotton for the baby’s sensitive skin.

When considering curtains, use blackout to provide a dark and quiet room for when the baby is asleep. Blackout also ensures that the room does not become too hot during the day

Don’t use conventional cleaning products as they can cause air pollution indoor as well as be hazardous for the baby. They can also be a source of allergies and hay fever.

Flooring is important! Wall to wall carpet can cause allergies. Hardwood floor and a removable rug (washable as said before) is a good choice.

Do consider efficient airflow in the nursery. Adding a fan as proven to reduce SIDA (sudden infant death syndrome).

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