Sunday 18 April 2021
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Siyabonga to the Generation of 1959

Today we are paying homage to the heroes and heroines of our nation who fought tirelessly and protested against the tyranny of the apartheid government. I see this is an inspiring display of political strength, national solidarity and inner fortitude. This day is a reminder of the great people who helped mould Namibia, a nation that fought for its rights and the people who rallied for the independence of our country.
I am filled with so much emotion even writing this. Have you ever wished you had been born earlier so that you too could have been a part of this fight that was driven by so much purpose? Maybe you dont but I most certainly do. I wish I was at the protest in 1959 united with other heroes and heroines, fighting for each other. But sadly one must make peace with their time and fight the new fight.
We have so much to fight for. Perhaps not one that which will cause blood-shedding but one that which will have our voices heard and that which will help us live in a nation with a very thin line between the rich and the poor. I believe that we have so much to fight for compared to our parent’s generation because all they had to do was fight for the independence of our country and ensure that we live freely.
Our parents played their part and they have won at it. It is now upon us to fight the new fight of poverty, unemployment; violence and the unaffordability of residences just to name a few. But it is sad to realised that it is the very few of us fighting. The rest of us are busy shattering and discouraging those that are attempting, at least. How do we even expect to be remembered by the generation that comes after us if we do not win anything? Everything ends halfway because the majority of us stand in the ways of those attempting to fight.
Is our time only going to be remembered as an era that was filled with so much exposing of confidential videos, an era in which so many people died of poverty and an era filled with so many memes because we are dab hand at that? But is that even worth going to the history books in the first place?
I believe that we can move mountains together if we choose to. We too can leave a legacy and have our children read about us. Our parents have provisioned freedom for us, they have ensured that we live in a country where we are not discriminated against and have all our rights granted to us. Now let us also ensure that our children live in a country where they have equal access to resources, a country where none of them will sleep on the streets and a country where they all get to complete their studies without having to worry about unpaid tertiary fees.
To the generation of 1959, my parents’ generation, there will never be enough words to describe the amount of gratitude I have for the sacrifices you made for us to live a better life. Although the struggle continues for young people in Namibia because of our devastating era, it is because of you that we enjoy the opportunity to live in places of our choice and roam the streets freely.
Thanks to you our parents. We are because you were. Your legacy echoes through the ages. Our children will know of you.

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