Monday 12 April 2021
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Lize Ehlers calls for healing in powerful album

entIt’s her fourth studio album and Lize Ehlers continues to produce conscious music – and this time it’s ‘HEAL.’
Her traditional 10-track album shares the marriage of hurt and happiness as they take hands on this journey called life. All tracks on the inspirational and encouraging album were produced by DJ Chronic in Freedomland Windhoek, except ‘Love Is The Key’ which was co-produced by Karl Ehlers and DJ Chronic.
From the onset, ‘Heal’ is centered solely on encouraging and inspiring its listeners to live, love and heal. This message is present in every song albeit subliminally at times. Throughout the album the songs transitioned from reggae to rap, from pop to afro-jazz and house smoothly meandering while maintaining its theme.
On the second track, Lize took an unapologetic step into hard drums and soft cymbals on the song ‘Soul Style’. The upbeat track conveys how everyone is connected with the lyrics “ All of us have a little bit of everything in us ” – which refers to the different cultures that are found in Namibia and other countries. But, “who we truly are is Namibia.”
Lize also dabbles in rap and reggae on the 4th and 5th tracks called ‘Heal’ and ‘I Know’ she exhibits her versatility. She entices her listeners to bob their heads according to the changes in tempo. These two tracks highlight the steps on how to become healed and free. ‘Heal’ asks listeners to search their body, mind and emotions to find the cause of their wounds. It speaks to listeners about the hurt that lies in the past and that only through forgiveness would they finally become healed.
The track ‘I Know’ tells its listeners to stop and relax for a little while, to breathe and to take time to understand themselves in a poetic rap. She talks about being hard working yet missing the pleasures of life. The song encourages her listeners to take it easy and enjoy their lives.
The album also has a flair of pop music with ‘This Too Shall Pass.’. Instilling hope into her listeners she sings “Don’t you worry child this too shall pass.” She encourages her listeners to put 2016, the year where the ‘unthinkable’ happened in many ways, behind them. This includes politics, health, the passing away of icons, famine, poverty and so much more. That whatever it is that worries them its not permanent because tough times don’t last only tough people do
On the album she does a duet with Bradley Anthony, the Falsetto King called ‘Together’ which shows that when one has support during hard times they would have someone to hold them up. “Take my hand and I’ll carry you and I know you’ll carry me”. The song is stimulating both emotionally and musically as all other tracks in the album.
“Each track is meant to spread hope, by sharing the story and a possible way of conquering.” concludes Lize.

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