Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Lady of Destiny Ruby the Dime

img-20160504-wa0006If sexy was defined on the basis of intelligence, determination and as a bonus beauty – beyond a doubt Ruby would make the cut. If the measurement was the ordinary girl making her way to the top notwithstanding enormous challenges, here she is again. Dynamic, smart and full of life – that is how Ruby can be defined accurately
The social space of celebrities has come to know her as Ruby the Dime through various engagements, her most recent accolade is in the form as presenter of theNBCs ‘What a Lifestyle’ program. Here is just one of many other spaces you can see the living inspiration.
A classy 27-year old who remains highly motivated, this young lady has built a brand for herself – a brand that speaks of nothing but hard work and sheer determination. Born in the heat of Oshakati, Ruby moved to Windhoek as a young girl after a few years. She spent most of her teenage years in Bloemfontein, South Africa to complete her education after which she returned home. With her eyes set on studying architecture, life changed her goals with the passing away of her Mum. This made her move closer home to be with her family as she needed their support to cope.
Enters the University of Namibia – it was in the corridors of the University of Namibia where her name became known when she took on a job at the university radio station while at the same time studying towards a degree with a double major in Industrial Psychology and Public Relations. Her first ‘real job’ was heading the Energy 100 radio station’s PR department while at the same time being on air as Ruby the Dime. She then moved to The Coca Cola Company in the same position. After a few years, Ruby or Robyn Nakaambo is head of GIPFs Public Relations Office and she is still the Dime.
Much remains to be said about this lady but the untold story of Ruby includes her stepping up her game from being the normal radio girl, an MC at events, a TV personality amongst numerous challenges and pitfalls while still being able to walk her way up the ladder of success. But even still in her current job, the destined-to- succeed young lady is still able to keep her business running just to make sure she is in charge of driving her life to places.
In her own words -“Ruby is a young lady who is ambitious, well-driven and well-articulated. I thrive on learning something new every day.” The Lounge caught up with the consummate professional and she shared her secrets on how important it is to be in charge of your own destiny. This is what she had to say…
1. What inspires you?
I’m inspired by life. One person who keeps me going is my dad, but little things around me inspire me on a daily basis.
2. What do people not know about you?
People don’t know that I’m a good cook. In fact, I am a great cook. People also do not know that I am a clown. I am quite the clown because amongst my friends, I am the one who is constantly cracking jokes and everybody around me needs to be jolly. And then, people do not know that I can also be an introvert. I was a hockey player, I sprinted 100,200,400 and 1500 metres. I belonged to three choirs. I did solos. I was a cheerleader. Acting, musical. I did everything.
3. Music…
I’m an RnB and Hip Hop girl. I grew up listening to lots of RnB so people often do not understand how I know and enjoy so many songs produced before my time. I literally stole all my dad’s CDs. I have never been a kwaito chick or kwasa-kwasa.
4. Did you ever think you would be this person?
I wanted to be an architect. My dad and I would drive through the suburbs and I would be admiring houses. I would then go home and draw them. The ‘House and Home’ books were my favourite books instead of having play books. That was my thing but with hindsight I realized I am not that person. I am an extrovert, so for me to have dreamt of being an architect, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.
5. What are you not?
I am very frank. I think I speak before I think. I am very upfront. I am not the quiet pretentious type. What you see is what you get. So anything that is not that, I am not.
6. What do you most regret?
I do not have any regrets because I believe that everything happened for a reason and it brought me to where I am today.
7. What is like to be Ruby?
You can’t always show what you feel merely because people are constantly watching. I can’t go to a club and dance on tables because of the image I created for myself. I can’t scratch my bum in public (she laughs). I can’t just go out looking bad. You just can’t do the ordinary anymore. There are certain things I cannot do because I know there are little girls out there who look up to me so what example am I giving them? I have created a brand and whatever I do reflects on it. You can insult me in public and I will not say a thing. Constantly people will poke you and all you have to do is smile.
8. Who looks up you?
I think people who look up to me should be young girls who are really ambitious, hardworking and willing to learn. The reason I’m saying that is because in today’s society, there is an illusion where people want to be successful but do not want to work for the success. And people look from the outside and say Ruby has this and wonders, so how did she get all that? As if Ruby does not work. So I want people to realize that I am living proof of a young woman who did not sit on her backside waiting for my mom to do this for me or a man to do it all for me. I work for I want. I literally don’t sleep. If I sit still, who is going to buy the Range Rover I wish to drive?
9. Are you hopeful for your generation of women?
It’s a tough one because we are competing too much in this generation with each other. We look at each other and wish we were better than the next person. But this is completely not necessary. Flowers don’t try to and grow prettier than the others, all the do is blossom. I can’t be like Sara because I don’t know what journey she has walked to be where she is. Get something that you are really into, work on it, master it and thrive in it. We are so negative to the extent that we enjoy people’s downfalls. Focus on you and do you. There is much to be done. We need so much more as women but there is hope.
10. Do you think you are famous for the right reasons?
I think so. I think I have been in the industry for a while and I do legit things to be in people’s faces.
11. What do you know that you know that you know?
I know for sure that I’m just beginning. My story has just started. I have plans for myself and I’m destined for greatness.
12. If you were a politician ?
I would probably be the Minister of Trade. It looks and seems fun. You are more exposed and also more challenged.
13. Any significant Other?
There is, but no wedding bells any time soon. In fact, he (significant other) should be the one to answer to the question on the wedding.
14. 2016 was…
…a roller-coaster. Not that bad things happened but because I was constantly on the go. I challenged myself so much. I achieved a lot of things that I wanted to achieve so it’s just phenomenal.
Photography: Lucia Ndishishi

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