Monday 19 April 2021
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Fiction and reality – what you read is not what will be

Worlds created by authors and script writers often begin with a decision that changes its character’s life completely.  This could be agreeing to go on vacation with a total stranger or disobeying their step mother’s instructions and going to a ball.

Their actions often lead to a series of events that brings about a yin and yang situation whereby their life is apparently more exciting yet more dangerous, emotionally and physically.

The characters would suffer because of their decisions throughout the book or movie and at the ending the readers and viewers learn a lesson or the characters live happily ever after.

Books and movies often portray what the world is supposed to be like. The bad guys end up in jail and the good guy’s life takes a turn for the better. Situations that occur in story books can happen in really life, the good and the bad. In a world where Kate Middleton married her Prince William, there is hope that any girl can become a princess or a queen.

‘The real world’ is often however thought of in a more cynical light. Some have said “there is no happily ever after in life”. The thief is celebrated and goes without a jail sentence because of wealth or fame and the gold digger marries the perfect man for his money. ‘Life is not fair’ is quoted by many during such times.

But I believe the happily ever after indeed began somewhere, it cannot all be made up. The guy can get the girl, and the bullied can get justice. Classifying life with such negativity would only lead to depression and lack of imagination. Imagination is an important thing in life because it gives birth to hope. Einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge”.  The world is not in black and white there is an in-between.

However some people tend to live in a fictional world where they meet their prince charming, get married and become a queen. Teenage girls often fall into traps because they live in the fictional world. They imagine the guys that they love would love them back without ulterior motives. If however there are not any ulterior motives and they get married ?

They already have a preconceived idea as to how a marriage should be from books and movies and are often disappointed when they experienced marriage itself leading to divorce.

When does being realistic become being cynical? How do you balance the relationship between having an imagination while considering limitations? At a point in time in history man could not even imagine flying, now there are airplanes and jets.

Thomas Edison created the light bulb using electricity after being struck by lightning. Without casting aside the practical laws of the world these advances would never have been reached and we would still be living in an underdeveloped world.

In life there would be challenges that often knock us down; I believe a knock down should never result into a knock out in life. The challenges we all face are what make us stronger because when we are faced with those challenges once more we would know how to handle them. For example chicken pox, if someone contracts the disease once they can never contract it again.

Therefore in life we need to find a balance where we are in line with our reality but should consider our imaginations as a possibility.

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