Monday 12 April 2021
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Leave her for me

‘Man shoots girlfriend, commits suicide’ | ‘Man rapes 4 month old baby.’ Etsee, seriously now. Is that your best bra? I know 2016 was a kak year but really now. Have we come to that stage where toddlers too need to Harambee in our libido thirst or have we really just reached our mental menopause? I think you need Doom.

I’m not the saint here but this should really come to an end guys. We cannot continue like this. I’m not talking to those who already committed suicide or those who tried and failed. Nor am I talking about those who already raped or killed. I am talking to you who is playing to be all innocent and telling yourself that ‘things happen’.

I don’t know about you guys but if there is something I will never give you or the graves in this world, is my life. At least not voluntarily. I love the chain of a life I have because it continues after every dumping. If you do not have a purpose in life, I hear there is a South African prophet healing with boom. That is what you need because all you are is a life disturbing parasite. He might even prophesy that your calling is to harvest flies. At least that will save our ladies.

And do not get me wrong, I too have been dumped. I too have been in a relationship(s) that I thought would go over five years and eventually get married. I too have had one of those people whom I thought would give me reasons not to cheat any longer but it did not work. And do you know what? It was not easy but I walked away because there is always better.

If she cheated, it means she never intended to stay. Probably you never made her happy or if she was in for the money, maybe she realised your bank account could not keep her by your side. Maybe you were too busy not giving her attention and there was someone else like myself doing you the favour. Maybe you are just not the one anymore.

“But she said she loves me.” Idiot, they all say that – just like you. Even your own parents lied to you at some point, what would make you exempt from the routine?

But I guess you lie to yourself that ‘I cannot live without her’. Even my friends in ward 16 will laugh at you during their restful state. For goodness sake, you are 27 years old and you wanna tell the world that you cannot live any longer because of a relationship that lasted for three Heroes Day celebrations.

Take it from me. Today I see some of my exes getting married and it puts a smile on my face seeing them happy. Minus one side-chick for me. Im even invited to one wedding these December and I prayer it does not rain heavily on that day so I go saka.

If it was not meant to be, walk away and find someone else. There are so many women out there waiting for Mr Right (if there are any). There are many women there who have even reached out to the churches for help. even the pastors have started reaping from their fields because there is just plenty.

And if you decide she had expired, do not be so selfish – just go alone if you if that’s the case. We have enough single mother’s and countable fathers here. We also have enough babies dumped because of us. So don’t you think it’s enough?

Do not even dare tell the world that she chopped your money. If so, why did you not go to the Police the moment she placed a knife on your neck demanding for money? Your case does not stand. It’s a relationship and not an investment. Take it from me; purchased love has an expiration date. Besides, whats worse, being called a coward, poephol or sitting in jail for the rest of your life taking a shower from a house pipe with LifeBuoy soap and eating a spoon of Morvite for dinner? I hear things could even be worse as you may end up being on the  receiving end. Now I am sure that if you are ‘man’ enough you would not want your other whole penetrated, especially without a rubber.

The MfK Foundation is at work drafting a the 7th leg of Harambee to accommodate people like you. Its objective would be to make murderers and rapist to become wheelchair material and all parts of the body used to commit the crime will be amputated. It’s simple, you will lose whatever you used to commit the crime. I will also speak against those who celebrate criminals with the term ‘human rights’. You would have lost all your rights the moment you decided to commit the offence.

If you do not know how to handle women, leave them for me. At least I am accommodating. Or become Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner if you cannot handle being dumped. I hear gay people do not cheat as much. So you have loyalty there.

Jokes aside, I am really calling all men out there, we need to fight this together. Otherwise, some of you guys who do not have game will no longer get women because of the fear they have. If you get dumped and cannot find someone, hala at me and I might hook you up with one of my loyal side chick. I care that much.

And again – stop exposing the women you armpit-face idiots.


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