Saturday 19 June 2021
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Exams Are Over… What now?

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The exam season has ended for most students and that basically means that they have two full months without academic commitments. Most students are probably thinking to themselves, “Now what am I going to do with all this free time?” It might seem like it is free time but it truly isn’t. Holidays are not only about having fun and spending days in bed, but rather an ideal time to do something productive!
As a student, it is worth remembering that your life is more than just the degree that you are awaiting to obtain at the end of your studies. Therefore, it is worth making good use of your holidays other than just relying on having fun to fill up your time. The world is full of opportunities and there are always options no matter what happens.
One of the challenges that students face upon completion of their studies is experience. As such, students have a great need for experience. Most jobs require experience in order to qualify for an opportunity, thus it would be wise if students use their holidays to acquire experience.
Thinking now about how one may achieve that all important quality can be incredibly useful. Upon completion of your studies, you will be looking for employment and almost all potential employers prefer hiring people with experience in the real world. And if you have only concentrated on studies so far, then how can you prove yourself?
Volunteering may not immediately seem like the most appealing of opportunities – why work for free if you are able to find paid work? But there are many schemes set up specifically to give you skills that will serve you well for your whole career, giving you the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and make a difference.
Of course not everyone might be in a position to work unpaid after exams, but if one is able to, then it would be of strong urge that they consider volunteering as an option because it can provide essential life skills such as leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, time management, communication and working as part of a team. What’s more, volunteering can lead to paid work. Employees would rather hire a candidate with volunteering experience ahead of one without.
Another great way to expand your horizons and gain a deeper appreciation of a country and its people is to sign up for a volunteering project in another country. Leaving friends and family behind will probably be one of the hardest things one would do, but it will probably turn out to be the most rewarding experience they’ve ever had. They’ll get to know a new world, a new way of life, perhaps, and do some good in the process. They’ll also grow up and mature in ways they didn’t think was possible.
Get an internship
Another option to look into is the possibility of interning over the holidays. If one is careful to research the prospects available and choose their placement wisely, internships can offer valuable future options and can be a stepping stone to full time employment. Although the nature of the role and the length of time of the placement can mean that a lot of the work of an intern may involve administrative tasks, many companies hire interns to work on actual projects alongside full-time staff. Rather than just sorting mail, making photocopies or answering phones, interns usually complete entry-level job assignments.
Do what you always wanted to do
“If you want the things you’ve never had, then you have to do the things you’ve never done.” This might be the perfect time for students to crawl out of their comfort zones and realize some of their biggest dreams. It takes a lot of courage to think outside the box and go about life in a completely new way, but it’s what needs to be done in order to develop and become the person one always wanted to become.
Holidays may be the perfect time to travel if you have always wanted to travel, learn a new language or simply just start blogging or writing. As for Sharon Zaruka, a third year student at the University of Namibia, she will be travelling out of the country with some of her friends for adventure. “I will be using this opportunity to meet up with some friends outside Namibia. I will also be spending time with my family,” she said.
Nonetheless, how one spends their holiday really depend on their interests and what they plan to fill up their holiday time with. As for Emily Thomas, a second year English student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology she does not have any plans for the holiday just yet. “If I am to be up to something great, it is yet not in my schedule but all I plan to do is spend quality time with my family for the entire holiday, do a lot of visiting and just have fun. I believe, holiday is just holiday and I should use this time to get myself off that whole school stress, clear my mind and get ready for a brand new year and opportunities,” says Emily.
Of course one may also need to use this time to relax, wind down and let the pressure of the exams lift from their shoulders, spend time with friends, and have fun. But if one is to combine that with taking time to grab the opportunities that are out there, they won’t regret it. There’s surely a lot that one can do during their holidays.

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