Saturday 17 April 2021
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Relaxing at the Gross Barmen Resort – Review

img_3521 img_3540 img_4027 img_4061 photo-2There are only a few natural hot springs in Namibia and the closest you have to the central regions is at the beautiful Gross Barmen Resort. If you have not been to the new face of this beautiful establishment, then you surely have to start making your booking.

This last weekend, The Lounge team visited the resort as an initiative to boosting domestic tourism and it is indeed a pity to realize what Namibians are missing out about their own country.

The peaceful resort is located just 25 km from Okahandja. So one will no longer be able to offer the excuse of long drives especially for those who reside in the central regions. But even those who originates from the corners of this wide country, you can take my word that it is a trip worth taking.

Enveloped by rows of palm trees, green lawns and many pleasant walks ideal for all ages, the Gross Barmen resort introduces you to a rare but natural beauty unusual to the eye.

Before it was ‘discovered’ by the Germans in 1842, the place used to be called ‘Otjikango’ by the local Ovaherero inhabitants – which translates to ‘a large fountain.’  The natural hot water springs is  but one feature on its checklist that makes the resort special. The hot spring is said to be 2500 meters deep and boils from 65 to 80 degree Celsius.

Those who have been at the establishment for a long time call it the ‘holy water’. Even doctors have recommended it as remedy to the soul. The minerals found in the water are said not only to be good for arthritic conditions and pain, but apparently it is also good for the skin.

Other facilities considered eye catching are the swimming pool which has come to be known as the Olympic pool for the single reason that it is the largest pool within Namibia Wildlife Resorts. There is more than enough space for visitors to enjoy the pool as individuals or during a family visit.

The pool feature is complemented by an indoor thermal pool which is your ideal relaxed setting after a workout from the resorts gym. And before you think that you might miss your wellness program during the visit, the resort also has facilities for health and hydro/medical spa and wellness which provides you with a full range of treatments, massages, complemented by the recreation and leisure.

The resort is on top of its game when it comes to their accommodation facilities, offering you style and comfort away from home. The interior design is classy yet simple. Visitors have an option to reside at the resort’s family, premier and bush chalets all offered at a different cost. The camp site is also top notch for the more adventurous visitor.

The nearby dam, which is also another beautiful feature of the resort, attracts a variety of birds around the place making it an ideal hotspot for bird watching. The aquatic birds at the dam have a name for themselves at Gross Barmen.

Gross Barmen does not offer much in the wildlife circle due to its size and location, however, resort staff whispers that if one wakes up early enough, they will be able to spot a few zebras around the mountains.

Other amenities and facilities include conference facilities, restaurant, bar and shop. The resort is also known to be a hub to host matric farewells, small conferences and weddings as it offers a quiet and romantic space.

According to the resort management, beside the slow pace of tourism of locals in general, most visitors to the resort only come in for day visits because the resort is closer to towns.

And just for the record, 9 of 19 NWR establishments are run by women. Under the care of resort manager Linda Katjaimo, the resort operates at its best when it comes to offering excellence. Attended to by Olga Beukes, the restaurant was the team’s best place to be as we were made to feel at home. The beautiful and kind Olga has been in the industry only for two years and says work becomes easier by the day but providing a good service to the clients remains a priority.

It was amazing to see how so much beauty is enveloped into one space. But even more surprising is how one doesnt need to fly or drive out of the country to be introduced to the beauty of the world, just a stone throw away.

We are fast approaching the festive season and it is the ideal time to take some time off as friends or family to relax. Gross Barmen qualifies for a top spot on your list.

Keep following The Lounge team as we continue to set foot in discovering the secret beauty of Namibia. Be sure to follow and be a tourist in your own country. There is so much to see as we continue to explore more options for you.

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