Sunday 18 April 2021
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Keep your nudes in your bedroom

Heeeeeeelo to the low in all you people who are fond of sharing secrets. Eish, almost everyone is getting exposed today. It seems it’s the new way of making new celebrities in the land of not so the brave.

And it’s become a monthly trend now. I have two sides to theis new trend. One is from the undisciplined character in me and another is from that guy who speaks a little bit of truth with a brutal tone.

You know, I like moments like this when some women are made to realize that men will always be men. In fact, I am happy that these things are happening and women are put to the assembly of embarrassment.

People talk and especially from myself, these are things I write about but people do not want to listen. I have always been told, the quickest way to stupidity is by thinking you know it all and you need not to be told of what is right or wrong. That is why I think these things need to happen so that some people get to learn the hard way.

At least now we know that you don’t learn from the past and we also know that your level of attraction to fools deserves and award. But then again some of you will continue defending your idiots just because they are kind for the day.

It’s all good to do that because that’s what he has made you to believe. People like myself are waiting for that day when we see how vulnerable he made you in his room with sperm all over your back and the one-character videos. And we will in fact laugh because that is all you are in life – a laughing stock.

The world must see and know that you are one of the many who trusted the same idiots you were once warned not to. I don’t know how it feels when the libido levels in a woman are high, but I don’t believe it should be so bad that it blocks all thoughts close to right and wrong. So the world must see these things. We must see those videos so we see how smart you are.

In fact, some of us need to see what we once only imagined. I will not apologise for the undisciplined character in me but surely someone needed to say these things. I do not care if you are angry at all. And just so you know, there will be another one exposed before next month. Just wait and see how people just don’t want to learn.

On the other side, I am not happy with my comrades. For the sake of biology, I will call you male for today but you know some of you don’t deserve the calling.

I really never imagined how f*#ked up and more stupid you idiots became by the day. And here I was thinking women need the lecture but little did in know that they were way better than you all.

You know, I personally have seen so many vaginas and dangling boobs in my lifetime that I need not to be reminded of those that belong to a bitter ex. This sh*t is becoming boring. Is there really no other way of venting out your frustration or are you just so immature that you wanna show the whole world that you too qualify to enter for the stupidity competition? You idiots amaze me.

I really have evil thoughts for you because you have painted us all with the distrust brush. Firstly, I think idiots like you all who expose your exes because of situationships gone wrong need to give up your manhood.

It is time to allow your brains to think because the way I see it, your head cannot think straight in the presence of the penis head. The second thing is that if I just wish I lived to take a clip of your parents hitting it hard to conceive the person you are today.

I would then gladly share the clip on all social mediums and I am sure it will be ‘most viewed’ clip on PornHub. Lastly, we need to boil sorghum seeds and finger them in your rectum. I don’t know how it would feel that’s why we need to try it on you.

Fellow men, I know maturity is not guaranteed and common sense is not so common after all, but I urge you to kindly make time and count the few years you have lived – that should say a lot of things you could have done as a child but cannot do any longer. Even primary school kids who have started having sex know how to keep their business to themselves.

I wait on any of you to expose my sisters or friends. Just so you feel the pain – I will wait until your daughter is grown, in university and about to take on the world. I will then take a full video of her and send it to you via Nampost.

Please grow up. If you know you cannot keep your private affairs to yourself, please tell her not to trust you from the onset. You have embarrassed us for too long. We too have secrets but they are better unknown.

I for a fact we know that everyone is a porn star in one way or another. It’s just that some moments are best not captured. And those captured are best not shared.

No more exposing women. It is not funny. There is a reason why you don’t walk around in your panties. We just don’t want to know.


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