Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Cascading NDP4 failures

…..Government fails to meet most of NDP targets
Government is struggling to deliver on most of the promises it made to the nation in 2011 when it rolled out the fourth National Development Plan, in fact, it has conceded that most targets will not be met by the time NDP4 ends in March 2017.
In the NDP4 progress report for the period October 2015 to March 2016- seen by The Patriot-government concedes that it is struggling to achieve several targets because of the inability of most sectors to successfully implement all planned activities has had a negative impact on the achievement of desired outcomes.
“There is, therefore, a need for systematic planning and implementation at all levels underpinned by strong monitoring and evaluation to ensure the implementation of planned interventions,” government said in the report.
The NDP4 progress summary indicates that nine priority areas were targeted, namely: institutional environment, education, health, extreme poverty, transport, energy, water, housing, ICT, logistics, tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.
During the reporting period, only the education targets were met.
In the report which is yet to be made public, the National Planning Commission warned that without new action, the country will fall short by a wide margin on its pledge to reduce poverty and increase economic growth during the NDP 4 period, a situation given more impetus by the fact that there has been virtually no progress in the past year towards that goal as well as the tough economic tough that continue to prevail.
The report provides insight into the progress made by Government on delivering on the targets and promises made to the nation in NDP4 which has set forth three high-level goals and nine strategic area-linked desired outcomes and an administrative strategic area “which, if successfully achieved, “will place Namibia on course towards achieving the country’s Vision 2030 aspirations.”
The parliamentary opposition parties have often criticized the performance of the government, led by the Swapo Party, describing it as “disappointing and far from the aspirations of the citizens in the economic, social and human rights fields,” after almost two years of its five-year mandate.
Poor growth, rising unemployment rate and discontent from poor and middle-class citizens continue to pile on the pressure for Hage Geingob’s government.
According to development analysts, the growing criticism of the government is because the middle and the poor bear the cost of the social-economic reforms, estimated at billions of dollars, and the future generations bear the burden of reimbursing internal and external debts, in light of the failure to achieve the economic objectives set years back during the TIPEEG period. These targets included creating employment opportunities, eliminating poverty, reducing income inequality and extending social grants to the most vulnerable groups in society.
The NDP 4 period started with much pomp and fare by rolling out the ambitious N$14.5 billion Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth (Tipeeg) which was primarily initiated to address the country’s growing unemployment.
Although the target was to create 104 000 jobs at the end of the TIPEEEG period, only an estimated 83 315 jobs were created under the programme, these included 15 829 permanent jobs, while 67 485 jobs were temporary.

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