Friday 23 April 2021
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Tournament of Champs on this weekend

golfThe Windhoek Golf Country Club has had a series of events lined up for the year to mark its 50th anniversary, culminating in the much-anticipated Tournament of Champions, which is scheduled for this weekend in the capital.
The Windhoek Lager Tournament of Champions at the Windhoek Golf Country Club has been part of a series of competitions that took place over the entire year and culminates in a match between two teams this weekend. The Windhoek Lager Monthly Medley, as it is called, consists of eight events with players choosing to play either medal or stableford format. Players are allocated points based on their position in each format. The player with the most points in the medal format at the end of the series will be crowned the Windhoek Lager Medal Champion of the year. In order to win, a player must play at least five of the eight events, while the best six events will be counted. The Windhoek Lager Medal Champion will be announced and awarded on Sunday.
A separate order of merit has been kept on the stableform points achieved by all players in each event. This order of merit was then used to determine the top 24 players in the series. These players are divided into two teams, one led by the Captain, Steve Basson, and the other by the Chairman of the Club, Hugh Mortimer. The two teams are expected to play each other in a mixed matchplay format on tomorrow and on Sunday to determine the team champions of the club of the year – hence, it is called the Tournament of Champions.
Windhoek Lager and Windhoek Country Club and Casino have played a role in seeing to it that the event materialised. According the Club Chairman, this type of event has the potential for expansion to other clubs nationally and internationally, something the sponsor will consider after the successful completion of the 2016 event at WGCC.
The Tournament of Champions will be played over two rounds of mixed medal matchplay over two days.
The first nine holes will be betterball, the second nine combined medal, which concludes the first day of play. The third nine will be foursomes and the final nine will be singles. A total of 30 points are available and a team must win 15.5 points to win the team championships. In the case of a tie at the end of normal play, the two captains will choose one player each to play off in sudden death to determine the winner.
“When we conceived these series of events, we really wanted to make it something special.
“The teams will then get to challenge other teams. So it is really good things in the making here. As a brand, we are very proud to associate ourselves with the competition and I am looking forward to enjoying and having fun. Good luck to all the players,” said Ian Stevenson from Windhoek Lager.
The Captain’s Team: Melt van Schoor, Heidi van Niekerk, Jan van Wyk, Andreas Shoombe, Cor Beuke (captain), Gabriel Shikodi, John Horne, Sakkie Van Niekerk, Christie de Wet, Gebhard van Rooyen, Chris van Lill and Inklous Suze.
Chairman’s Team: Mark Raidza, George Vink, Corneels Jafta (captain), Gustav Fransman, Ian Wood, Willie Triegaardt, Max Schafer, Theo Saunderson, Hansina Hinda, Coen van Graan, Gustav Jung and Toady Gurirab.

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