Saturday 17 April 2021
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Pick Your Battles

The world has seen many great men walk its face; some possessing great talents to skillfully create things that until today we rely on for our livelihood.
All these men, from the biblical wisdom of Solomon, the scientific calibre in Newton, or the philosophical giants like Socrates, Max Weber, Karl Marx, John Locke and even Sir Shakespeare; were limited by the fact that beyond what they knew, they knew nothing.
These known giants, though eloquent in their craft could not raise a finger if presented with different conditions that were not what they had set out to study.
So what makes Einstein great if at all he could elaborate the queens language like Shakespeare, or what makes Max Weber so renowned if his views on the depth of religious wisdom were far fetched when compared to Solomon?
It’s the fact that when they each realised the strength they possess in one area, they focused on that one area. They put in all that was required for them to accumulate as much knowledge as they needed in order for them to present formidable arguments in that sector.
They lay aside the childish things and committed to learning, growing, investing and then producing, the things that had proved to be their strength. You are probably wondering why I am giving you the like of an academic lecture right before your festivities begin, hehe.
Your ability to succeed in whatever you want is largely influenced by your commitment to making that one thing grow. Many a time, in our dreams, we envision ourselves having achieved the greatest of things, yet we have no solid plan on how we are to achieve those things.
We are obscured by the seemingly beauty of being able to make many things work out. Just like the juggler who keeps many balls in rotation without error.
This is a beautiful thing to look at, but had the juggler decided to focus on one ball, put the rest away and do his best to do the best with that one – I am convinced we would see wonders still.
Make your goal clear to yourself, then go ‘ham’. The odds are that you are far much more likely to succeed in that one thing than from pocketing in many other things, so why not go for it and be the best?
Be the best artist that there is by investing all your efforts in ensuring that you produce a quality well mastered album that everyone will play everywhere. Be the best craftsman, moulding pieces of memorabilia that those who look at get intrigued by.
Be the best politician, make promises that you know are achievable and make sure you deliver. Be the best learner, the best driver, the best farmer, the best dreamer! Do what you do to the best of your ability, but keep your eyes fixed on the goal that lies before you. Godspeed pilgrim.
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