Monday 12 April 2021
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MK launches lingerie collection on birthday

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If you think you knew the definition of sexy and you weren’t at the Meriam Kaxuxwena ‘MK’ Lingerie Fashion Show, then you should definitely think again. MK has indeed made history in Namibia for having hosted the very first ever lingerie show (and on her birthday) that promoted body positivity.  The lingerie show is the second project the home grown international runway model has hosted this far after her swimsuit fashion show last year.

There is so much more to lingerie than sex, fashion, a necessity or wearing it for one’s partner.  What makes lingerie sexy isn’t always easy to pin down. It could be what it covers, what it exposes, the old school or more edgy and fashion-forward sense that comes with it.

All those elements and some not mentioned come into play when trying to understand the intention behind a woman’s sexy lingerie which is said to have been a “thing” in the Western world for centuries, albeit in very different forms.

The Nampower Convention Centre was half packed with people from all walks of lives from politicians to entrepreneurs. Amongst the many in the crowd were MK’s family and close friends who not only came to celebrate MK’s birthday but witness yet again another testimony of persistence.

The lingerie show kicked off with smooth melodies from saxophonist Suzy Eises and band which set a sexy mood for the rest of the evening. The master of ceremony Jossy Nghipandua reminded the audience to shout at the top of their lungs ‘happy birthday MK’ every round she came on stage in her lingerie. Jossy also took part in the showcasing of the lingerie as most of her outfits had bits and pieces of MK’s under garments.

The birthday girl and queen of the cat walk did the opening act in a sexy red number made of sheer and silky material that had stockings and suspenders complemented by decorating material with a little dash of confidence from hers truly to complete the set just like the Victoria Secret girls. MK defiantly had the crowd hyped up and eagerly waiting to see what else she had in store.

The tradition of the lingerie was originally designed to serve several purposes changing a woman’s shape, preserving her modesty and for hygiene reasons. From bloomers to thongs, pointy brassieres to push-up bras, the history of lingerie reveals a lot about women’s changing role in society and how people perceive themselves and also how they are viewed by others.

Lingerie then was specifically created to accentuate the shape of a women’s body, so women wore boned bodice corsets to tease their men. These corsets were not made for support or comfort, but to push the chest up and out on display for all to see, sort of glorifying this feminine attribute. However, it has become fascinating to see how lingerie has changed over the past years, but even more intriguing to note what’s stayed the same.

Although it took a long time to get here, today’s lingerie not only compliments the modern woman’s body, but it keeps her comfortable too. From romantic baby dolls to erotic leather busters, 21st century lingerie now comes in a variety of styles and fabric that still stem from the history’s past.

Today’s lingerie is thought of as elegant, beautiful and for the most part comfortable. But it hasn’t always been that way. Over the years, the ideal female figure has changed drastically, and therefore, so have the garments that accentuate that feminine shape. The bust and butt of a woman have always played a key role in the development of what’s stylish, but both have not always been emphasized.

Parallel to the above, the MK lingerie collection is unique as it was modeled by woman of all types of body sizes from size zero to plus size. Namibian woman should be able to embrace their bodies as is and be proud of how they look.  “This show included all kinds of models because I want to show that anyone can be a model. It all depends on one’s confidence level. In fact, everyone is sexy, you just have to work it,” said MK.

The models included some well-known runway faces such as Miss Namibia finalist Rauna Kapofi and bootylicious Bonita who has become a trend on social media. MK had also invited international model Lillian Brower who hails from Barbados. Lillian proved once more of her maturity on the runway as she flaunted her body and engaged them with her seductive poses and body language.

The event was full of entertainment slots that accomodated a dance lesson from ‘She Glow Talent’ for the ladies in the crowd on how to rock their lingerie for their partners behind closed doors.

The HiKwa master Sunny Boy performed some favourite all-time tracks like ‘Summer Time’ and ‘Heat It Up’ which took the audience down memory lane. The boss madam Sally got the ladies on their feet and twerking to her latest song with Busiswa ‘Bim Bim’ and ‘Natural’.

Upcoming artist Alex did a cover of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend whilst starring deep and captivating ladies in the front row with his enthralling voice. The finale performance was from Young T who performed his current trending song ‘Fikulimwe.’ Young T also got the crowd moving to his classic track Ehaka.

MK closed of her event by thanking everyone who came out to support local efforts. Her material will be available as from 27 November at the Khomas Grove Mall. In MK’s own words, Victoria Secret will definitely be in Windhoek Namibia at a date yet to be shared. The lingerie consists of lace bras; famine pieces will also be available at the shop and so other preferences.

Lingerie lovers are promised nothing but the best of quality product by the model. “ I’ve had to postpone the show so many times as the production took long due to the quantity and quality of my products. My collection is produced in Brazil as people say they are the ones that define sexy and from the cheers and comments after the show I can also attest to that,” she said.

The model also added that her dream is to see modeling and fashion to be accepted as a career and business in Namibia. MK said the fashion show is just one of many to come as she will continue to explore beauty in many as many ways.

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