Sunday 18 April 2021
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Throw Away

I was busy filtering my life last night and have plenty of things to throw away. Today I woke up realizing a few things. Things I should prioritize more and things I should throw away. The morning is the time we should see ourselves as clean souls so I too used the time to reflect on what to keep and what to throw away.

By default, everyone needs space for their being, for better things and for upcoming things. I also understand the teaching to accept some things and to decline  others for they are not worth your time. As such, one is advised to keep space for things that matter and build ones character. These are alternatives and opportunities one can miss when they are too concentrated on things that need to be shown the bin.

A sign of growth is when your circle of friends become smaller as you grow. With this said, your friends are only as good as the value they add to your life. Often we find it hard to free people who do not add meaning to our lives, but it should not be something difficult. But without stepping on any toes, getting rid of something or someone should be as easy as it was getting it or them. Even memories so strong that we get stuck to must go with time.

The recipe is to simply stop holding on to things of the past and make space for new. A new you that accommodates growth.

I had a dog that was stolen after some time. I used to mourn for her over a very long time. But I have learnt the lesson to make space for new experiences and so I  got myself a puppy to love.

Then there are the break ups – we were both mature enough to realize that we were not meant for each other. So I erased him and closed that chapter for a clean start. I made space for other romantic adventures.

As human beings, we often know the price to pay to succeed. We often know the methods to doing things right. But awareness is not enough. What we do with it is what counts at the end of the day. In fact, our actions are the beginning of the clock towards attaining what we aspire to have.

You want to lose weight, stop your regular visits to KFC or Debonairs because these are the things that do not wake your dreams. Lady with an attitude that is not getting you the results that you always wanted; throw that attitude out of the window and get something positive.

And for the students, spending time on social media while you have pending assignments and upcoming tests will not score you the positive percentages.

So I have come to a point in my life where only that which matters gets my attention. Friends who are hard to please and are only in for their self-interest are no more. I have left them to surround myself with positive energy.

The crux of the matter is that we all need to grow. Who you are today should not be the same you tomorrow. And in order to achieve this, one needs to throw away some of these habits that pulls you down. So take time and re-evaluate your life, habits and the circle you keep.

If they are not doing you any good, throw away.

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