Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Connect With Your Inner Child

If there’s one thing that I miss in my whole life is being a child because you know what – growing up sucks and it’s so boring. I am one of the people who had the best childhoods.

I would play all day long and my results of having a productive day would be coming home covered in white sand. Oh no don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean that I miss playing in the sand but I miss playing, I miss that worry free life.

I’m sure we would all admit how we yearned to be adults to the point where we went from enjoying the pleasures of being a five-year-old straight to acknowledging the dilemmas we face as grown-ups.

This whole growing up thing went so fast. But growing up shouldn’t be too boring you know. We can still take some time to reach out to our inner child for a change.

One thing about growing up is that we become wiser, therefore making it harder for us to focus on small things. We spend so much of our time focusing on our grown-up needs, such as having to pay our bills on time, being employed, and our family responsibilities. It’s normal, then, that we have little or no time at all to daydream a bit or be playful. But surely, it wouldn’t hurt to tap into our younger selves for a moment.

Trust me, tapping into your inner child does more good than harm. A little imagination might just bring a smile to your face. When we were children this came easily because the world was pretty much imaginary.

Part of growing up is also learning from our mistakes. So when we connect with our inner child it allows us to look into the matters that affected us negatively learn from them and help us become better.

Instead of being bitter and angry about the negative obstacles which affected us then, we embrace them and turn them into a lesson which helps us stay as youthful as ever. Our inner child helps us to learn to let go and have fun; be spontaneous, creative and enjoy our life lives.

What you wanted to be at the age of five, as appose to who you are now may not be the same thing. We all thought growing up was fun, after all but if it is still the same for you, kudos to you buddy for following your dreams.

However, for many of us life came with change and redirection. Therefore if you listen to your inner child it might help you find the passion and drive you once had and may help you stay true to who you are.

I understand that we need to act our age and all that but really bringing out our inner child can be fun and relieving  for as long as we keep it in control there’s no harm at all.

But no matter what, never let your younger self go, in fact you will miss it so be so!

Until then keep the connection between you then and now.


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