Sunday 18 April 2021
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There is No Rainbow without Rain

I’m sure we have all seen and admired the beauty of a rainbow on a cloudy day. It looks so beautiful and as known by our forefathers it connotes peaceful rainfall with no thunder storms.

Rainbows speak directly to our hearts and soul, filling us with awe and energies of liquid love pouring all around us. Rainbows bring the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass.

But today I will be taking it on a human perspective. Many of us have eyes for the rainbow but we don’t have the heart for rain.

The truth is we love rainbows but the majority of us are not willing to put up with the rain. So when did we forget that nothing comes on a silver platter?

Rain here symbolizes pain or trials while rainbow stands for something that is beautiful. Putting them together, it would mean that the most beautiful things in life come with challenges.

In other words, there is no victory without sacrifice; just the same way there is no rose without thorns and no maturity without trials.

As I mentioned earlier, a rainbow symbolizes peace and it brings upon a soothing aura whereas rain comes with thunder storms, wet soil and so much humid. But we all know that rain ultimately brings upon greener pastures.

As such, if we want the greener pastures we must be willing to endure the process. In fact, to have a rainbow one needs both the rain and the sun representing trials and temptations. Imagine walking in a forest and all of a sudden it starts pouring.

You are going to try to get home although it is raining and along your way lightning is going to strike, you are going to walk in water and your clothes are going to get wet. Now that’s what I call challenges and one can clearly relate this to real life situations.

In real life, for one to reach success or their goals it will mean failing, discourages    and sacrifices. But all we should remember is that a rainbow is caused by millions of tiny rain droplets and those droplets helps in the growing of pastures.

Thus, it’s the little sacrifices we make that come together to give us a beautiful outlook. If there are only few droplets of rain in the atmosphere, it would produce only a few colours. That means the fewer the sacrifices the less glorious the victory.

What I am telling you is that each rain droplet plays a role in the formation of the rainbow thus you should not take your sacrifices for granted, however little they are. In fact, I want you to hold on to whatever it is that you are doing, persist dear friend!

In whatever you do if you want to come out with flying colours, be willing to endure trials and tribulations. You should be willing to go through thick and thin and you should be willing to fall in muddy water for that matter. As the saying goes, no pain no gain so should you be willing to go through pain.

Until then, Be embracing!


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