Friday 23 April 2021
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NAMA 2016 winners finally receive prizes, except…

img_1216The Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA) Best Female Artist for the Year 2016 winner Chikune has still not received her prize money following a protracted battle between the artist and her former record label Ogopa Butterfly. Due to the artist is the prize money of N$100 000 cash and a Toyota Corolla worth N$ 240 000,00.

The artist is said to have left the record label days before the annual music awards – a decision prompted by puzzling stable administrative issues. Since her NAMAs win, the prize money and her car are still being withheld by the main organiser MTC.

According to information availed to this publication, Chikune received an SMS on 12 April 2016 from stable manager Sula Kyababa’s personal assistant calling her in to sign a new contract as the old one expired in January 2016.

Chikune in response enquired for her old contract which was never provided to her. Two days later she decided to leave the stable seeing that she was now free to go.

Her album song ‘In with the new’ bagged her the Best Female Artist of the Year Award. Sula, in an interview with this publication states that in line with industry norms, the copyright belongs to his company as they had invested significantly in Chikune’s music. Normally, according to Ogopa’s contracts with artists in the event there is a win, the income is shared 50/50 between artist and label.

According to Chikune, her journey as the best female artist has been a nightmare since the stable manager wants to claim 100 percent of the prize money to recoup the investments that made her the winner. “It has not been a great journey at all. I do not mind sharing their chunk with Ogopa, but it is unfair for them to want to take everything,” expressed the songstress.

Chikune claims that she has written and co-wrote seven of the 10 songs on her album while Sula claims she wrote only one.

To resolve this dispute, an arbitrator was appointed with a hearing to take place in November. In a telephonic interview Mr John Max from Nascam confirmed his involvement with the two parties during a meeting where they hoped to resolve this matter.

“My advice to both parties was to resolve the issue amicably. In my opinion they should share the money, but the vehicle should be handed over to Chikune immediately. For royalties Nascam will remunerate Chikune as author and Ogopa as publisher. Sadly this issue remains unresolved.“

Asked how she keeps herself busy these days, Chikune exudes a calm radiance and responds ”I perform extensively within the Namibian corporate sector. I am focused on my husband and our child who we raise together. These have been my highlights along with the AARIMMA award I won this week”

Chikune recently bagged her very first African Muzik Magazine Awards (AARIMMA) accolade when she scooped the Best Southern Africa trophy from competitive contenders across the region.

…Artists payday; entries for 2017 now open

Six months after the vibrant Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA), winners finally received their prize monies this week. The NAMAs were hosted end April in Windhoek and it saw rookies such as Ann Singer and guru Big Ben bagging some top awards.
The prize giving ceremony once again united deserving winners, presenters and organisers to accredit the hard work vested in the Namibian creatives industry. At the same ceremony, main organisers MTC also took time to announce the opening of call for entry for the NAMA 2017.

Artists now have 45 days to entre themselves in the prestigious awards. The NAMA Executive Committee starts the entry process earlier to allow artists more time to submit their entries.

As per NAMA rules, all recordings to be submitted for the Namibia Annual Music Awards must have been commercially released (in other words first made available for sale by any recognised retail trade) in Namibia during the period 1st December 2015 to 30th November 2016.

Written proof of release details for the entry period must be submitted together with the fully completed entry. Artists can apply online or either drop their entries at any NBC offices country-wide or at MTC Head Office in Windhoek. Prize monies remain unchanged. Late entries will be disqualified.

Entry forms can be downloaded from The NAMAs 2017 will take place on 28th and 29th April 2017 at a venue to be announced next month.

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