Sunday 18 April 2021
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Let’s merge

MFK_G.O.WI didn’t think I would write about this. But I ended up growing increasingly curious. Looking at unlike pairs of people and how they would look together. Back in the days, when dating or worse, marrying from a different race was apparently illegal, you could easily win a conversation in which you rebuke the act happening.

Political systems of today have long changed that however. So when I see two partners of a different race, I see two open minded people who are not afraid, and  who take love for what it is and not for what they want the world to think of it as.

There are different reasons why we get close to certain people and not others. Simple flirtatious admiration of a person’s qualities and occasions that grant us experience with people. If you feel appreciated and welcome around a person, then that’s enough reason to want to be close to them. Spend lots of time with them. You enter into a relationship with them that is not buit in the pillars of race.
Black and white couples are the ultimate definition of interracial relationships.

Race should never create boundaries of love. For, when two souls who do not see colour, they are most likely to talk about simple science of life and not colours.

There is always something new to learn which may be the best part of the whole relationship.  I am personally for adventures. Two people from two completely different backgrounds always have a lesson to learn and teach. In the long run, all opportunities you were deprived of, allow your significant other to complement you and bring you another opportunity which you will see with a different eye. Your life will be renovated to accommodate all these super commitments.

When race is not a question at all, it’s a good image and blend of a transformed society that welcomes love without boundaries. This does not mean the relationship will not have problems as those are just some of the medicine that strengthens the unity.

Well, if you are the kind who thinks staying in one lane is still the thing, you are not wrong, but the world has moved to mingling and crossing fingers for a colour-diluted society.

As per my observation, black women are now growing an interest in getting closer to the white friends and the white women on the other side are not being left behind. It could be the other way too. And you can imagine the beautiful offspring made in the process, – such living angels.

It is by time we stop playing the race card for reasons of separation but rather use the opportunity to merge the human race. It’s high time we have an open mind and start this thing because with love, and true love, there should be no discussions of skin colour at all.

For those who already started the merging, I salute you big time and ask for your commitment to becoming forever strong. You are true advocates.

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