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The Blossom of a Flower

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Wild spring violets on white background

Flowers are a wonderful thing. They add beauty to any situation and are an integral part of relationships and many other occasions. Other than occasions a floral gift may as well go a long way in bringing a little joy and some sanity to an otherwise hectic day. It may also be a better way to let someone know that you are thinking about them. As they say, “sometimes you have to stop and take time to smell the roses.”

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and have a long-term positive effect on moods. Moreover, a flower creates an intimate connection between friends and families.

What the colour means?
Red is a deep colour with deep meanings. Red flowers indicate a connection of love and passion, respect and admiration, and possibly even courage. Lavenders are popular among the ladies and they are suggestive of beauty and elegance. Peace and serenity, relief from stress, and sudden inspiration from dark times can be hidden behind the vibrant shades of blue. Moreover, yellow represents the bond of friendship and all that comes with it, from happiness and enthusiasm to jealousy and deceit.

Peach is the ultimate expression of sympathy and sorrow. While orange is a powerful color and it commands the things that one wants most, their ultimate goals and desires, and also the satisfaction of reaching them. For peace and relaxation a white colour can never go wrong. Green indicates health and wellness for all, and a desire to achieve great things. Pink is a measurement of grace and confidence, pink flowers are a strong indicator of deep meaning for others. Purple is a token of Pride, power and success.

Which to give where
Women love flowers and nothing says “I love you” better than flowers on their birthday. It is more appropriate to give flowers having considered the person’s personality. A bouquet of exotic blooms would be ideal for an adventurous lady’s birthday. While an unconventional bouquet like a hardy bunch of bright, robust sunflowers will be ideal for a lady who has a good sense of humour and is prone to being impulsive. However, if the birthday lady likes the quieter life send the quiet beauty of an orchid as they are flowers which symbolise beauty and refinement, and are also a versatile flower that last a long time, and so they are ideal for birthdays.

Men on the other hand love flowers and giving them birthday flowers will certainly make them feel special. Depending on his personality you could opt for elegant, delicate flowers or go for solid, vivid colours. For the practical man’s birthday, it would be ideal to send flowers with a gift that he can enjoy when the flowers have gone.

For sympathy:
Some flowers are associated with certain meanings, expressing grief, comfort, hope, love, and respect. For a friend who had passed on an Iris would mean that their friendship meant so much to you. On the other hand cut flowers including calendula, Marigolds and dark crimson roses symbolize grief.

A much better way to say a final good bye to a friend is to give purple sweet peas. Hope can be expressed with iris, leucodendron, primrose, protea, and Star of Bethlehem flowers. There are also flowers associated with remembrance which include anthurium, forget-me-nots, gladioli, rosemary, pink carnations, sweet peas, and white lilac. White stargazer lilies and white roses are an elegant expression of sympathy.

For a newly born:
The arrival of a new baby is a joyous event and one that definitely warrants recognition. Sending a flower basket can be a great way to welcoming the new bundle of joy into the world. Carnations are considered obvious choices for babies, with their soft, ruffled appearance and delicate perfume. Gerber daisies are also ideal for welcoming a newly born into the world. They are simple, but pretty hardy flowers that can last for a week.

Spring flowers
Crocus, are white, purple or yellow in color and sometimes also striped. The Crocus means good cheer or happiness. Daffodils come in a host of colors such as yellow, orange, pink, white, and orange-red and are frequently seen as a symbol of rebirth.
Freesias are a fragrant, bell-shaped flower with yellow, red or pink coloring. They are the appropriate flower for seventh anniversaries and symbolize both friendship and innocence. Hyacinths – Hyacinths bloom in the early spring months may be purple, blue, yellow, orange, pink, or white.

Iris are spring flowers that have an orchid-like appearance. They typically will bloom during the late spring. Once an Iris has blossomed, each blossom lasts for approximately three days. The blossoms may be yellow, pink, blue, orange, red, or brown in color.

The star-of-Bethlehem is an ornamental with six petals, symmetrical flower that blossoms starting in late spring. The flowers are small and sit upon a conical spike. These flowers are white in color and are used in wedding and other floral arrangements.

Sweet peas are annual flowers for spring gardening. The blossoms of the plant are available in a large variety of shades of white, red and pink. They have a delicate, ruffled appearance and are extremely fragrant. The flowers of this fragrant plant stand for blissful pleasure.

Tulips are found in a rainbow of colors including red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, or a combination of colors. Their meaning comes from the color of the blossoms, which means that purple tulips symbolize royalty, while cheerful thoughts are represented by the yellow tulip, while red ones represent love.

People love flowers for their array of colors, textures, shapes and fragrances. Flowers also used depending on a wide range of meanings and are ideal for different occasions.

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