Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Wrong Day, Devil!

I sometimes have days where I wake up feeling a bit off my game – as if I am about to have a bad day. Before, I would sulk and actually end up having a bad day.

Recently, I woke up on the left side of the bed as one would say.Having experienced a hectic day before and spent most of the night turning and thinking of solutions to my seemingly worst-life-ever. I decided this once to come against whatever it is that was standing in my way of enjoying a beautiful day that I after all only had once to live.

So I whispered a prayer, opened the windows of my small apartment, slid aside the curtains and allowed the fresh breeze of the morning in. I stood there for about 5 minutes just appreciating that despite all that seemed to go wrong, I had the privilege of experiencing this breath in its freshest form.

So I fixed my playlist to a strictly happy music mode sneaking in a few podcasts on how to be successful here and there. I turned up the volume and before embarking on what I knew would be a challenging day ahead, I danced to some of my favorite old timers reminding myself the whole time in the shower that if at all nothing worked, I would still be grateful for the one more minute I got on this earth.

That day was the last day I ever woke up with a frown on my face wondering how I’m going to do things. I have told myself that all these external challenges are there to test my abilities and level of maturity, just like the academic sense of it. I can only progress to the next level if I triumph over the hurdles of today.

The logic therefore, of complaining and even spoiling other peoples’ days just because I have not yet found a solution to a problem am facing is frankly inconsiderate.

I have made it my mandate that on those days that I am most expected to be the lowest due to my problems’ and challenges I am facing, I will rejoice and be glad in all things. I will sing on top of my voice to whatever song there is to uplift my spirits because in all this – I must rejoice.

That is the least I can do to show my body the gratitude for still standing despite the fact that my mind has fallen, or my soul for fighting on in times when the willingness of my spirit is tested by unexpected waves, or even as a ‘thank you’ to the jaws on my face for holding together when my heart has crumbled long. I am of the idea that those who have studied the art of meditation and the like fields will conquer with me that you are even weaker when you fight according to your level of weakness and not your strength.

Rejoice buddy, rejoice. Be happy, live life, learn lessons, climb walls and fight battles all with a smile on your face that says “I am not the type that gets beat down; am the guy that does the beating, every given time!”


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