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RNF introduces ‘Windhoek Recycle Day’

The ‘Windhoek Recycle Day’ will be introduced by Recycle Forum Namibia (RNF) on 22 October 2016 in a quest to make Namibia the country with the highest success rate in the 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It will be the first time that an event of this nature will be hosted – where Windhoek residents, including corporates and the government ministries will be encouraged to bring all their recyclables to one central spot where containers will be available not only for traditional items such as paper, glass, cans and plastic, but also e-waste, household batteries and light bulbs, and cartridges and toners. Through this initiative, the RNF hopes to inspire and involve Windhoek residents, the corporate sector and the government, as well as the public at large to embark on especially recycling initiatives and participation. For the weeks prior to the Windhoek Recycle Day, individuals, corporates and the government are called on by the RNF to gather all recyclables as a build up to the day specially set aside to submit all recyclable items to the spot identified for deliveries. RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt: “We also encourage the submission of e-waste. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

This includes cartridges, broken staplers, computers, telephones, calculators, etc. – all electronic devices and items not used anymore or broken which can be recycled. For the next two weeks workplaces can gather all these recyclables (inclusive of plastic, paper, cans and glass) and bring them along on Windhoek Recycle Day to the parking space right in front of The Document Warehouse in Hans-Dietrich Gensher Street, Khomasdal which will be the venue for the commemoration of our very first Windhoek Recycle Day.” According to Witt, the City of Windhoek Waste Management Department will also launch and introduce containers for household batteries and light bulbs on Windhoek Recycle Day. These eagerly awaited containers make it possible to safely dispose of problem items such as small batteries and lightbulbs (which should not end up in normal household waste).

Witt: “We are very excited about the availability of these containers as this is a concern many a times raised by the public at large. The containers will thereafter be available to the general public to safely dispose of these items at locations to be identified by the City of Windhoek. At the Windhoek Recycle Day, members of the public will also be able to meet, and learn more of the RNF members. We will be inviting our members to showcase their products and services, and these include products such as solar lamps, fashion garments made from plastic bags, glass crushing machines, etc.”  The top 2015/16 Recycling School, Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired will also bring items that cannot be accommodated in their recycling stand at the School, to the venue.  The Windhoek Recycling Day which the RNF plan to host annually, aims to highlight the benefits and importance of recycling. This platform will also expose the public to initiatives and agents of recycling, through among others, Namibia’s soon-to-be introduced Green Directory.

“We would like to encourage all Windhoek residents to bring along all types of recyclables to our first ‘one stop’ recycling event – and in that way support the awareness and the RNF in its initiatives to keep our beautiful environment from harm – for the benefit of not only us, but also for future generations to come.  This could be a day of excitement and fun whilst keeping the environment clean and reducing the health risk that comes with uncontrolled waste,” Witt concluded.

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