Sunday 18 April 2021
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Oktoberfest Special Beer Brewed

The special brew made specifically for the Windhoek Oktober Beer Festival was recently approved of by some of the best brew masters. During a short ceremony that involved the special opening of the barrel, tasting of the brew and final approval; attendees applauded as the brew master opened the tap with a record one hit and approved the ‘Festbier’ of Namibia Breweries Limited.

The Windhoek Oktoberfest is scheduled to take place on 28 and 29 October at the SKW Grounds. Organizers estimated up to 6000 to 7000 guests in the forthcoming festival.

The original tradition demands that no one ought to taste the special brew until the Mayor of the Town and the Prime Minister have approved of its top notch taste. Senior brewing officials where present to play the role of those required, thus not completely skipping traditional procedure.

Kleopas Noagalbua a Brew Master stated that in order to identify a perfect brew, the process is a short but delicate one. “Having been exposed to various types of beers, by simply smelling the tip of the jar, a good taster can tell whether or not to continue with their tasting process. If a beer sample passes this taste then a sip is the next step – roll it and swirl it in the mouth to feel all its components and tell them apart, then swallow.” The 13 year experienced Brew master stated as he journeyed patrons through the process of tasting.

Noagalbua ascertained the uniqueness of this brew stating that this tradition occurred only once a year and as such demanded its perfection. “We have taken our time to ensure that this is a particularly special beer. In its pure form, it is around 5.8 percent of alcohol, unlike the retail 4 percent that is normally produced.”

Oktoberfest Namibia states that it was brewed in line with the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot of 1516. “It is very important to us to keep the original Oktoberfest tradition alive, which means the event is something special for the whole family

“We guarantee improved security and will not tolerate unruly behavior. We always encourage responsible drinking and a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks are available as well as dedicated public transport services.” Oktoberfest Namibia said.

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