Saturday 17 April 2021
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It’s Quarter to 2017

Oh well, the last month of spring finally approached and the calendars are marked October. So much excitement hey, because then it means only two months left before we call it a year. So here is to those who never thought they will make it to 2016 in the first place, those who felt discouraged to take on the year at its dawn and to those who thought of ending it halfway somewhere along the way. Here you are, almost through. So why not give yourself a pat on the back for dragging on to this point of the year?

2016 was my most anticipated year; in fact I once wished 2015 could be skipped. I so much looked forward to this year. I was going to turn 21 and I was going to complete my first degree. But as much as I looked forward to this year, something happened towards the end of 2015. I lost all the hope that I had and just felt like throwing in a towel because what’s the point, I thought. That whole misery led me into 2016 limping. Right at the dawn of the year I had no clue how I was going to reach the end. But I had little hope and I promised to do whatever it takes for me to make it through. And here I am, still limping towards the finish line.

So my dear reader, carry on don’t give up just yet. You are almost through. Whatever this was, whatever happened. Good or bad. It’s almost over. If you fall right now there is so much hope for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on. The finish line is right in your eyes.

This is also the point where you get to take a final touch on your resolutions before you start off with the 2017’s. Tick off all that you have achieved and focus on the remaining ones. This is the right time to go back to the basics and get rid of the toxicity from your life and everything that comes with it. This is the right time to prepare for 2017 as well and open up for the new things that the year will bring along.

This is also the time to surround yourself with your loved ones more so that when the new year arrives, it knows loud and clear that they are important to you and it must keep them around as long as possible.
We are about to be gifted with another New Year and we should know that we aren’t entitled to it. If you ever craved a clean slate know that this is the right time to prepare for it. This is your chance to do yourself right. This is the right time to take your final stock and make orders of the coming year as well as to prepare for what is destined for you.

But before I wish you good luck for the final quarter of 2016, I want you to promise yourself that you will reach the finish line, come hell or high water. Promise yourself that you’ll accomplish all that you set to do or achieve before the end of this year. I want you to promise that you will not shy away and then promise that you will dream big for the upcoming year!

Until then, enjoy the final quarter of 2016…


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