Saturday 15 May 2021
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“I am sorry HH, I am sorry”-KK

….Kazenambo pleads for forgiveness, pleads for civility in politics

Outspoken former parliamentarian Kazenambo Kazenambo has called for civility in Namibian politics as he went to great lengths to plead for forgiveness from the late Swapo stalwart Hidipo Hamutenya and further claimed that it is because of Swapo that Hamutenya was forced to form RDP. Kazenambo, while speaking at a wake held at Hamutenya’s residence last night, pulled no punches when he claimed that HH chose a different political path because of the situation within the ruling party at the time. “RDP was created by Swapo. RDP was created by me. RDP was created by us because we created an environment not suitable for everyone. People were losing jobs just because they were supporting HH who decided to participate in a democratic practice,” said a regretful Kazenambo in the presence of Swapo stalwarts such as former president Hifikepunye Pohamba, Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab, Major General Charles Namoloh and other senior party members. In front of a crowd of family and friends, KK asked for forgiveness from the Hamutenya family for “he has wronged him in many ways.”  “HH was accused for years by our own people. In the book of condolence, I have said sorry to all I have offended. We need to say sorry to one another. For the sake of the country, for the sake of the youth and for the sake of the future. We need to introduce civility in our politics,” pleaded Kazenambo.

A somber Kazenambo and Joseph Diescho, both asked the family for forgiveness saying they have failed HH so many times.  Kazenambo shared the bitter life Hamutenya went through because of his choice to practice a democratic move when the environment in Swapo became untenable. Kazenambo said “politics made me part of the many people who threw stones at HH but it went further than the game of politics.”  “Sometimes in the jungle of politics, we go beyond the rules of life and become animals. I was one of those who joined throwing stones to HH. I did it inadvertently and sometimes deliberately because I was in the game of politics. But the trouble is that, in throwing stones to one another in politics, we went beyond the boundaries of the game of politics, we went personal. And because of this, I am and sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!” said KK.

Another mourner who gave testimony of how he has failed the deceased was Professor Joseph Diescho. “I was invited to visit HH on several occasions. On numerous occasions but I never made time. Since last year I three text messages from both Hamutenya’s wife, Nangula and son Kela, requesting me to visit the veteran politician but I never made time.”  “Due to insecurities, I did not have the courage to respond. It was at a time when he just rejoined Swapo so I did not know how to handle it. Surely HH wanted to share something with me and now we will not know what it was. I failed the family, I failed Namibia. I know this because every other time we spoke we would locked horns. He taught me lessons on politics,” narrated Diescho.  “We are very eloquent as Namibians to find fault in everybody else. But we do not have the grammar, syntax and the vocabulary to acknowledge when some of our people are doing right,” he lamented.

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