Friday 23 April 2021
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#Baby mamas must fall#

I made a promise to myself kutya this will be the last time I give you free advice. Its time I start making money out of this sh*t, just like the pastors from stadium churches do. Yes, you have seen and observed that there are guys out there who make sure they are at work at 8 and even work overtime but their bank accounts remain a political promise. There are little mother-by-accident somewhere there who are making sure that these guys does not see the surface of enjoying their hard-earned salaries. Today I want us to disagree for the first time. I have great respect for women so stay in your lane if you are not the person I’m going to describe below.
If there is anything men regret having in their lives is the presence a Baby Mama. Eish, those human beings can be a pain. They get into your life, attach themselves like bubblegum and make sure you are just not going anywhere. She refused to take the pill just so that you k*k. And the worse thing is seeing your innocent baby being used to solicit every bit of humanity out of you. Her aborted complains are like the smell of baby pee on white sheets. Baby Mamas must fall. Yes, the Baby Mama is the unfortunate mother of your child, whom you have not married and would never think of getting married to.  In the kasi, a lot of them are desperate, gold digging, emotionally starved, shady women who had a baby out of spite or to keep a man. Sometimes they may act like their name because of unfulfilled promises by the father, or convenient sex by the father. Either or both may exist in any situation but I have seen both.
They are the little human beings that make you silently ask yourself if God is testing your faith in him because the make dim the light at the end of the tunnel. Their demands come by the wake of the sun and long they live until sunset. It’s even worse when she is Baster of from locations south of Independence Avenue. For sure doctors don’t tell men this but these little things are the source of endless emotional pain and headaches. Their demands are on SuperAweh registered the day she prayed for the pregnancy, with you. I know we all make mistakes but this one is the last one ever you wish to make.
Here is the truth, there are women you see and you immediately place them in a certain class of use. Some may be good for sex (only sex), others for friendship and a few potentials for dating purposes. The ones in the sex category are mostly bootylicious, have an amputated ability to think, quick to think you love them and they are the easiest to pursue because they rarely say NO. So most niggers, when sexually starved and do not want lectures about when they intend to marry the chick and all that crap, they would of course take the easy route to quench their thirst. But we all know that Satan sometimes just wants to screw us when we least expect – the condom breaks, she refuses to abort because she feels your baby is security to keep you and by the time you realize, you are taking care of two human beings. The most frustrating part is the fact that you now have a child with someone who was only good for sex at that specific time and now brings you all the complains – some of which are not even related to just support.

A stereotype associated with baby mama’s is they are lazy psychos who trap the man into getting her pregnant or tricked him by saying she was on the pill, thinking the man would pay her way in life just because she has a child with him. Not all baby mama’s are like that though. The majority of them just act like they can control the man just because they have a seed with them, and make it difficult for the man and threaten to take the child away or sue for more child support if the baby mama doesn’t get her way. So yes, the mothers by mistake must fall, very hard and on their faces. But they must leave the baby out of their drama. If you are gonna open your legs for the sole purpose of keeping a man or having believed his lies, you will now and forever belong on the side. So when I talk about the falling of Baby Mamas, my finger is pointed at you.
And lastly for you horny men with haphazard priorities, we wouldn’t have Baby Mamas if you placed your little uncircumcised pipi at a whole of prosperity. You can blame the condom factory or the Guarana you bought her but it’s time you f*cking take responsibility for your child. The cost of beer for the crew and a few dollars in the jackpot is synonymous to the cost of diapers for the baby and a Tassenberg to silence your Baby Mama. Just understand that there is no silence in hunger and you cannot afford to move on happily with another mistake and leave her tired, exhausted and enjoying the smell of pee.
After all, you are being advised by someone who thinks Tassenberg is the best wine and everythin not straight should be bent. So go on and push the mother of your child. But you might as well go along so she falls on you again. You too are just as guilty. While those mamas fall, the rest of us are advised to study the misery both parties go through and take something from the living examples. I know how it feels to be single, but I can only imagine when you have a baby and single. Not many men want to father a child of a quickie adventure so choose wisely who you open your legs to.
Fall already. Much love from MfK
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