Friday 23 April 2021
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Visit the Mount Royal Training Centre

fb_img_1465822828820 picture-2The recently opened annual Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show has opened doors to another exciting adventure. With the holidays just a month away and summer on our doorstep, that means more outdoor activities. For the horse riding lovers or those who wish to learn about horses or have their horses trained, Mount Royal Training Centre has it all for you.The Training Centre is located next to Out of Nature about 45 km south of Windhoek.  Mount Royal offers a number of equine services ranging from horse training, horse riding and backing of horses. The training center also offers stables for people to keep their horses for a monthly fee of N$ 3000. The center feeds and takes care of the horses. The Esterhuizen horse training which operates within Mount Royal trains and prepares the horses for shows as well as endurance conditioning of horses.The center has 39 stables with padlocks, two different sized crushes and all the vet facilities for the artificial insemination of the horses.  Mount Royal do kids horse riding at shows or any kind or fun day.Mount Royal also provides horses for shows as well as for parties upon request.

  1. The artificial insemination center where horses undergo the procedure.
  2. The show training of Arabian horses and Friesians.
  3. Endurance conditioning training of horses
  4. Kids horse riding at shows and boeremark
  5. Backing of young horses and train them in carriage or show riding

A new service that will be provided next year is the outrides in the beautiful mountains and camping area.Their presence at this year’s Windhoek show is ideal for children who wish to try out horse riding. You never know, it may be the beginning of your child’s equestrian career.

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