Sunday 18 April 2021
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Tomorrow Never Comes

The youth are the leaders of tomorrow. A statement that threatens to strangle the very fabric that defines a generation. We have heard it countless times from teachers in school to the lips of the leaders of today. Why? Is it to remind us that it is not yet our time or to remind them that their time is now? Guess we will only find out tomorrow.
In Africa the age range for people regarded as youth is 13- 35, which means that, 50% of total world population are leaders of tomorrow while the other 50% is divided among minors, adults and senior citizens .Creativity and productivity is the very fabric that defines a generation. Research tells us that the most creative and productive period in one’s life is during the ages 13-35.
Now notice the irony, you’re only allowed or regarded as leader after the most creative and productive time in your entire life has lapsed. As a result, we get less creative and productive leaders. Some may argue and say experience is the best teacher, well there’s a saying “experience is a teacher of the fool”.
Why? Because a wise person will learn from another’s error then determine and apply what course of action to take. As the most creative and productive minds on the planet, I implore you not to wait for tomorrow, because, tomorrow never comes; it has and will always be in the future.
All you have is today now rise up and stand out. Some of the greatest inventions of all time have come during this window of youth, Alexander Graham Bell was 18 when he invented the telephone; Philo Farnsworth was on 14 when he invented the television;
Bill Gates was 23 when Microsoft took flight; and for the millennia’s Mark Zuckerberg was only 20 when Facebook went online. Thomas Sankara who became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33 said
“While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered you cannot kill idea”.
An idea is only a thought away, a thought gave us the telephone, a thought gave us the T.V, a thought gave us Microsoft, a thought gave us Facebook so what are you thinking?
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