Friday 18 June 2021
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Comrades and Confidantes

Those who are acquainted with the happenings of wildlife will agree to this assertion that lions are greater when in a pride than when alone. Indeed, for those for whose delight is largely found in gazing upon the beauties of the skies – birds of similar feathers flocking together is a known fact. Even more, the few that were privileged enough to grow up in homesteads where the use of electricity especially for cooking know all too well that one piece of firewood left to stand alone will surely not stand the test of time.

All these various dimensions of life are bound around the concept of the power that lies in numbers; but not just any number, similar numbers – purposive numbers. Various entities from birds, to lions, even to wood all understand the concept of unitarianism. A fundamental practice of existence built on the un-oppressed fact of forwardness through togetherness. It is seemingly imbedded in the blood code of all that has such, to identify itself with another that has interests as those of its own.

Whether in the sectors of religious discourse or indeed political debate, embracing and agreeing to the necessity of working with others for whose interests and intended end point you relate is a fundamental step for progress.

Despite the fact that even ants take their strength out of their numbers, humans are  largely inclined to embrace a more individual stance that rejects and brushes off all who intend to share or tap into the vision that we strongly possess. Choosing instead to sporadically share with almost anyone, a majority of who do not have any interest at all in the things we wish to dialogue about. The remaining part is viciously waiting for that one moment to tramp on any aspirations and visions that we may indicate to push forward.

Your wisdom is, to a significant degree – though not completely, determined by whom you surround yourself with; the people with who most privy is granted to the details of your heart matter a lot. Those who hear you laugh and soon after wipe tears off your face. The ones who are so intertwined with your shenanigans that betrayal is no option, not just for consequence also because they are the only ones who actually know your strengths. It is those people that you need, and yet together also, must be most cautious about.
Many have lost out because the advise they took when they most needed it was tapped from a well that did not share in the joy they expressed, but they, being too naïve and blinded by the highlights ahead, missed out on the small signs that where exhibited. Others still have passed on great opportunities, simply because for that one moment, they could not listen.

A lost lover, a missed call, a job gone, a traffic accident, an opportunity forgone or even a death occurring. Then also, a joyful marriage, a tasteful dinner, a promotion captured, a vision followed through, all these and more can and mostly are the result of the company you keep.

“I conclude, then, that good advice (whoever gives it) originally proceeds from the wisdom of the prince, and not the wisdom of the prince from good advice.” Nicholo Machiavelli – The Prince.

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