Tuesday 13 April 2021
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An open letter to men!

Dear brothers
I hope this letter finds you well and sober because of its’ content in response to the assholes we have been. Excuse my anger but I’m unable to care.

I know I’m the least of people you expect to hear good advice from but I promise to behave and show you that there is another character that is sweeter, kinder and a true man behind the writing. As much as we joke around every Friday about loose girls and how to screw them better, I think most of you are getting a big head and starting to just be sh*t.

I know men fear for their foreskin and that is why many of your heads are still in the dark. But while the call to get circumcised has been rejected by many, I am today calling for a brain circumcision. I do not know how it will be done but I personally believe there is something wrong with the male species brain. The killings, rape, stealing, abuse and ego are a result a brain in a head in the dark and deprived of maturity and civilization. Get rid of that foreskin brother because these are evils enveloped inside.

Because, how do you get it right, with a sober brain, to just decide that all your problems can be sorted by killing another mother’s daughter? We are losing far too many women at the hands of idiots like you. I know you will say that you are innocent, but that’s the same we thought about that idiot who killed his girlfriend the other day. We never knew.

And I still blame it on that uncircumcised brain of yours. Brothers, how do you find it right to place your libido deprived penis in the private parts of a toddler? Her little vagina is not even developed yet, for all it knows is to pee. This is not even hunger no more but pure stupidity (in the absence of a better world to describe the animal you are). But not even animals do this. I thought sex was so everywhere today so why go to the poor child when you have professionals under the bridges and those at shebeens who are willing to restore your sexual dignity at the price of a Guaranna. And what happened to the art of masturbating? It’s an easy way out and no one has to tell your ability warm your hand. It is free and Hand-rina is always loyal.

I also wanna take some time to speak to the future corpses speeding on the roads. To make it even worrisome, they have the misplaced balls to take videos and share their stupidity with the world. Those equally stupid shower this video with likes. Your level of stupidity graduates after the speed 120. It is really unfair that fools live longer and the innocent do not live their meaning on earth because of a selected circle of idiots. I have bad wishes for the two-legged pigs on the road.

I wish I could put your whole family on a 60-seater bus and put you in a different car (speeding of course) and allow you overtake like the fool you are and go head-on with the bus carrying your family. But I pray you survive and people keep you away from the ropes just so that you feel the pain people go through when idiots like you speed and kill their families.

And oh yes, people get dumped. It is life and the sooner you comprehend that, the better we move on. To starts off, you parents are not married so it means one of them was dumped but they both exist because one didn’t kill the other. Who do you think you are now that you cannot be left for greener pastures? Blame your weak game, improve it and get yourself another girl. And don’t tell me about love. And if you want to fight, Nestor need boxers because Hitman is getting old.

And do you know what, please commit suicide alone. We need less of you than the people you take with. Leave the baby; leave the mother, and all the living things including the dog. If you decide to call it time, then gladly say your last words and off you go. No one will stop you. In fact, create a playlist that we will play at your funeral as we celebrate another fool gone too soon. If there is one thing we will miss you for, it is your wavered bravery to be different and not be like the others who took along innocent lives.

But on a serious note, we have gone off the road and the world has become k*k because of us. Things we do have gone beyond the imagination of humanity. Nothing justifies the taking of another life. Nothing justifies laying a hand on a woman. Nothing justifies finding pleasure without consent. There is no long narration of how best to do things but the need to circumcise our minds and think openly. Morals are free so I urge you to grab them.

I personally love women because I was brought on this earth by one. And it is for this reason that it pokes me with displeasure of the animals we have become to make our women fear us. I hope one day you can sit in comfort, turn the picture and put yourself in the shoe of the receiving end. It will not be fun when it’s your daughter. Get your brain exposed to light and start thinking clearly. I’m counting on you.


Yours truly

The Undisciplined Child – MfK

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  1. Delia

    Hi,The last few mot#n&h8217;s my ears have been ringing and I cannot sleep. I actually woke up to some buzzing. It was strange, and I now I’m curious is a meter has been put up around my property. I live in the city of Northgate, close to Seattle, WA. Is there an office or person I can contact in WA? How do you locate them?Thanks!


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