Friday 16 April 2021
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The easiest way to k*k

One day, maybe just one day, I will publish this column with a face. But for the sake of telling the story as naked and raw at all times, I don’t think my friendly face is befitting to stand on top of my undisciplined second character. So let us continue with this sh*t talking just for another season before you realize that I am actually your crush. Mxxxm
I will keep writing until someone actually listens. You know, it is a given. Women need three things in life: food, water, and compliments. We can leave the sex out for now because those who went to church this past Sunday say it’s ombeskos. But for their ability of dreaming of getting a Mr Right and their high libido of compliments, none of them are safe any longer – hence I intervene.
I am very aware that I’m selling our game for free but since I’m planning to have a family soon, I thought it would help to school a few minds on how just some decisions will not bear the fruits you want. I have realized that while change is inevitable, growth remains an option many procrastinate to take. And we all know that age is not reciprocal to maturity. Your shortest way to failing in life is thinking you are the smartest and you have things under control, so lend me your ear for a moment.
You see, I know someone older than you (or has seen a few bedrooms) has told you that older men are more matured, and for that you have for the past years looked down on your age mates. Bravo, it’s always good to look ahead. But do you know what the 35-years old boyfriend thinks of his 23-years old girlfriend from NUST/UNAM/IUM or cashier at some restaurant? When you grow, you will understand better. To the older guy, the younger the girl, the fresher they are- you all know the mileage and model discourse when buying a car. So yes, regardless of the Brazilians he gives you (which are worth a quarter of his tax), it’s only for your tight cookie in the end. It’s only a matter of time before he moves on with your younger stupid sister who will be the tighter one by then.
And yes you are beautiful, curvy and worth his wallpaper. Men love poster girls because once in a while we need to be seen with a beautiful inamorata- don’t mind her ability to think. As long as she can make time to bath and look good, she deserves all the temporary blessings. The stupidity grows when this model thinks she will one day be Madam Boss. Laliful…
So madam beautiful who has more than 15 guys on your case, it’s not about you neh. You are beautiful and that is all you will ever be. Your beauty won’t save you from being screwed. Men don’t marry beauty; they marry common sense and independence.
And do not tell me that love is the answer. To what? Nobody asked any questions and if they did, kindly tell them to rephrase the question. But also while we find the answer, provided that that jailing question is rephrased, sex could raise some pretty good questions for the next.
The most vulnerable ones are those with the booty from the front and behind. Now we all know that it is either your behind or boobs that will get you the likes and pokes. So it’s only obvious that every guy with a motor is gonna want your number. What goes on in the mind of a man when he sees your butt and boobs in nothing but sex. If he has any sense of romance, chances are that he will approach you saying he likes you. Others who are honest will give you whatever reason only to get the punani. Because, unlike women who need reasons for sex, men just need a place. Unless you are mutually enjoying the sex, never mistake his lust for your body as synonymous to a real relationship.
For my fellas, you are the biggest fool if you think that ‘Baby send me 2 NAD’ girlfriend is gonna be around when she graduates. I mean, look at yourself, would you even want to date yourself if you were a girl. So never get a big head just because you have scored a beautiful student who treats you like her ATM – it is just for the time being. Sex is not security neh. She will leave you two months before graduation and please don’t kill her now. Just understand that you were screwed like any other stupid wife hungry idiot. Just imagine a taxi driver dating a Law graduate, don’t bring love in this one. Put yourself in her shoes for a quickie just to understand.
So please stay in your lane. Go for your level because running for vagina will ruin you just as the penis is guilty for many mistakes in society today. There is nothing that pu**y can’t destroy, even the hardest medal – it corrodes us to history. Madam Know-it-all, your assumed intelligence will get you nowhere. Take my word, we will meet when you are 30 and humbled by life. But it will be too late. Tel me to stop saying the truth when you all give me the ear.
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